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Helpful Hints for Redpilling

Destroying the Illusion offers three helpful hints for redpilling.

His first tip: Simplify. Always remember: Your friend or family member probably doesn’t know half as much as you do. So you will have to guide them to understand the basics before diving into deeper materials.

Watch to grasp his other tips, involving how to sell or market your ideas, and how to avoid getting dragged into petty, emotional arguments.

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And here is the latest Destroying the Illusion video, showing the number of sealed indictments has now surpassed 50,000 around the nation. Jason Sather also says two prisons have been prepared for the mass of likely arrestees — not only Guatanamo in Cuba, but also Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington state, south of Tacoma. The number of indictments has grown highest along border states — particularly from California to Texas — and in coastal states, from Virginia to New York, suggesting that human trafficking and smuggling might be among the most crucial crimes addressed.

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Why have the Demon-Rats gone to such lengths to protest the proposed Supreme Court appointment of Brett Kavanaugh? Because if he’s on the court, Liberal crooks like Hillary Clinton might no longer be able to escape jail, should charges of corruption and influence peddling be brought against them. Destroying the Illusion covers these possibilities, as well as the appointment of Jon Kyl as Arizona’s new senator, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stepping down and the Pope’s latest attempt to squirm out of the mound of sexual abuse allegations surrounding him as well as the Vatican at large.

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