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Juan O. Savin: Storm Is Here

Juan O. Savin warns to batten down the hatches, there is a tsunami headed our way.┬áSavin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that the bad guys are going to start coming off the rails simultaneously, as election integrity issues become more understood and as the electorate pushes back inspite of a Congress pushing back against the will of the people. Here’s more, courtesy of Moment of Truth.

The Plot Against The King

Kash Patel: An amazing, strong leader for a time such as this. Patel speaks with And We Know on Russiagate, Hillary Clinton and criminality, as well as his children’s book The Plot Against The King.

Juan O. Savin: Spy Rings & Intel

Juan O. Savin tells the David Rodriguez podcast there’s no secret rapture coming. He says in order to correct what’s going on in America and the world, there’s very little that’s going to be done behind the scenes.

“The attack on America was literally done primarily by spy rings, by intel operatives on numerous levels,” Savin says. He explains further, plus engages in a Q&A session with Rodriguez, including how President Nixon surprisingly mentored a young Donald J. Trump on what to expect from the bad guys should he enter politics. In an awkward, and telling, moment, Savin passes on answering Question No. 8 from Rodriguez: “Is JFK Jr. alive and is he behind that letter in the alphabet (Q)?”

Webb: Viruses Trace To Nazis

George Webb theorizes that the wave of viruses and pandemics that have plagued the planet in the last few years, including the vaunted Covid-19, had their roots in Nazi Germany.

Appearing on Tommy’s Podcast, also featuring Peter Duke, Webb sources a book by Jim Marrs titled The Rise of the Fourth Reich, documenting how Nazi Party Chancellery chief Martin Bormann moved a group of scientists from the super-weapons program that performed nasty experiments on humans, to his subsidiaries outside of Germany.

The outposts included Crimea and The Congo, where Bormann sent his son. Ironically–or not–there was an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever in both locations, which later was labeled the Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF). Says Webb, “I don’t want to say these Nazi terror viruses, from the Nazi death camps, are now being atenuated and tried on us as a fear weapon to get us to agree to a whole bunch of bio-surveillance and lockdowns, but it does kind of seem like that.” Here’s more with Webb.


Deep State Global Chessboard

Former Assistant HUD Secretary and Wall Street Dillon Read & Co. Partner Catherine Austin Fitts returns to the Dark Journalist Show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity. Faced with rising food shortages, skyrocketing inflation, government efforts to silence free speech, and the destruction of culture in the US and abroad, she outlines a potential road back to constitutional principles in governance. More from Daniel Liszt, The Dark Journalist.

Simon Parkes: Intel Update

Simon Parkes reports that President Biden has declared a state of emergency, citing looming power outages around the country and massive food shortages.

Parkes says the purpose for the declaration, which is documented on the White House website, is to bring the military into the arena. “Neither of those are actually going to occur,” Parkes said of the outages and food shortages. “That’s just a smokescreen given to the unawakened, unaware in America, to give them an excuse why they will see more military on the streets.” Parkes explains, plus brings intel updates on the Quantum Financial System, and more.

War For The Future

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt conducts a breakthrough interview with former Assistant Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Catherine Austin Fitts. Their topic: Global Governance War for the Future: Freedom or Slavery?

Fitts is a parner in the Wall Street firm Dillon Read & Co. She returns to the Dark Journalist show and reveals how the Central Bankers and the Deep State have implemented a worldwide surveillance and transaction tracking infrastructure to harvest humanity physically, financially and spiritually. Fitts sees this as a time to choose between freedom and tyranny, and suggests we have a limited window to restore the U.S. Constitution and Rule of Law.

Chilling Development In Brazil

Who decides what’s “disinformation”? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Maoist Plan: No God, Guns, Gas

The Maoist Agenda is alive and well in America. Pete Santilli reports that the assault on God, guns and gas is in full swing, and just another step in the Deep State’s sinister plan to shove the Great Reset down our throats.

Santilli, who is hosting an Infowars segment in this episode, says their evil agenda always focuses on one goal: behavior modification. “They have to get you to comply, they have to get you in a traumatic state,” he says. He discusses their insane psyops and false flags, plus more.

Juan O. Savin: Cabal Symbology

Juan O. Savin delivers a deep dive into the Cabal’s numerology and its widespread use of symbolism around the globe, including the true story behind the Statue of Liberty, gifted to the U.S. by France.

Savin, appearing on the Tom Numbers podcast featuring Writeside Blonde, also gives his take on time travel. Here’s more.

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