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How We Save Our Nation

We are in what is possibly the final battle for the American way of life, Glenn Beck says. But it’s by no means a physical battle. It’s a spiritual battle against true evil and Beck warns that if we don’t keep it that way, it will be the death of the American experiment.

But as the Left’s tactics grow dirtier, we shouldn’t lose hope. The forces for good are growing stronger every day. Parents are standing up, the mainstream media has some new competition, and whistleblowers are letting the truth be known. Here’s more from Glenn Beck.

Juan O. Savin: The Beast System

In this riveting discourse, Juan O Savin delves deeply into the cosmic clash between the divine forces and the formidable Beast System.

Savin tells Nino’s Corner and guest Ryan Veli about the intricate layers of this spiritual battleground, which is the AI matrix that gives way to some real solutions for the White Hats. Here’s more with Savin, Veli and Rodriguez. Video courtesy of Jaynamy.

Prediction: Trump Won’t Run

Derek Johnson added to the mounting intrigue regarding the 2024 Presidential election by boldly predicting Donald J. Trump will not run.

Appearing on NVTV, with host Nicholas Veniamin (0:26:00 of video), Johnson says, “Donald Trump did not leave a billionaire status just to become a president. This was about, OK, we need someone who is strong, charismatic, people love you, then doing this, this and this.” Johnson says he believes this was all part of a controlled operation and by the time we reach the election cycle next year, the country will be in a healing process.

Johnson elaborates, plus brings more intel.

Juan O. Savin: Big Red Button

Juan O. Savin says there are some difficult decisions ahead for America, which includes escaping from some wayward paths.

Taking into consideration all the chaos in the country today, Savin says he would borrow a quip from his close friend and author Larry Abraham, who said back in the ’80s that if there were a big red button to shut everything down he wouldn’t hesitate to press it. Says Savin, “I would shut the whole f#cking thing down, everything, and reset a lot of what’s going on in the country, and kind of methodically look at how you’re restarting stuff.”

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin elaborates, explains the dire consequences of the Democrats getting away with a stolen 2020 election and points to social media giants, Google, YouTube and Facebook as the danger to our country today.

CRT And Maoism In America

Mao Tse-Tung, longtime dictator and founder of the People’s Republic of China who dragged the country into a police state, unsuspectingly created a phenomenon not well understood in the U.S. called Maoism.

Sourcing an article in New Discourses, by James Lindsay, Dinesh D’Souza breaks down the connection between Critical Race Theory in America to the to the emergence of Maoist thought in China.

Gene Decode: Earth’s ETs

Gene Decode tells Conservative Patriot Nation (CPN) that many non-terrestrial races predated humanity, many of them more prevalent in the country’s Mountain States region..

Decode explains that deep down in the mantle there were perhaps the oldest living beings on Earth, who were non-terrestrials. He says this was before the Earth was solid and actually the moon of another planet, which was in orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Another race of unfriendly non-terrestrials–the Ant People–inhabited the area in and around the San Luis Valley, in Colorado, followed later by the Arcons. “So you had these beings that were coming to Earth for a very long time,” he says. He explains further, plus offers more intel on Ukraine and the Maui fires, and more.


Supremes, DOJ Compromised?

Kerry Cassidy takes dead aim at the Department of Justice and the U.S. Supreme Court over their shenanigans revolving around the fraudulent 2020 Presidential election and recent wave of false flags.

Cassidy tells Free Range host Gail of Gaia that SCOTUS has denied more than 50 cases regarding the 2020 election, including the notorious Brunson vs. Adams lawsuit. She says more times than not, the Supremes’ judgement that the cases lack standing sends chills up her spine. “In reality, every single American should have standing because we all voted and that gives us automatic standing,” she says. “This kind of technicality, which allowed them to throw out all the cases, is an indicator to me that they’re on the side of the Cabal, which runs our government.”

Cassidy says the same is true of the DOJ. She says President Trump has been saying for months that Space Force has all the evidence of election theft, but getting through to the courts and the roadblocks of the DOJ is another matter. She explains further and discusses her thoughts on the whirlwind of false flags that have hit our nation, which she says has us on a precarious path to World War III.

Simon Parkes: Truth About Maui

Contrary to reports that the Deep State used space-based energy weapons to ignite the Maui fires, Simon Parkes said they no longer control satellite technology to pull off such a feat.

“What they did use in the Hawaiian Islands was a mobile energy weapon on a truck,” Parkes said. According to his Pentagon sources, Parkes said the Deep State employed teams on the ground, who used gasoline, enhanced by the prevailing winds, to spread the fire after most of the residents had been evacuated, then moved in with a mobile energy-beam weapon.

Parkes says the real reason for the attack was to destroy a Space Force installation at the U.S. Naval Base, in Maui, and also to thwart the White Hats from liberating children from a massive sex-trafficking operation in tunnels below the area. Parkes said the second aspect of the attack was the Royal Kingdom of Hawaii has asked to leave the United States. He alleges that it has been agreed upon, so they will leave and become their own sovereign kingdom, much to the chagrin of the Deep State. That is why the native areas were attacked. Here’s more from Parkes on the Laura Eisenhower podcast. Please use discernment when viewing the video.

ADL: Muscle For The Cabal

How does the global Cabal use the Anti-Defamation League (ADL)  to silence, extort and control? Amazing Polly touches upon the derelict ADL as well as George Soros, Ukraine, the Vindmans, Elon Musk, January 6th and more.

Isn’t it going to be funny when the Anti-Defamation League gets sued for defamation? Those who have been harassed by these fascist bastards should let it rip.

And we’re not just talking about Elon Musk, who is threatening to sue the ADL for sabotaging Twitter’s ad sales. Here’s more from the panelists at Timcast, organized by Tim Pool.

Juan O. Savin: Counter Punch

Juan O. Savin tells Michael Jaco that after months of enduring the best Deep State efforts to derail the Great Awakening, we’re about to experience the counter punch from the White Hats.

Savin says it all begins when Congress returns from their brief summer hiatus and the focus centers around the CEFC, a China energy company that Hunter Biden was involved with and where massive amounts of money went to the Biden Crime Family.

Savin explains further and also breaks down how the FBI was briefed and failed to act on the Hunter Biden laptop months before the story hit the mainstream media, how the 2024 Presidential election is in danger of being paused, plus more intel. Buckle up, folks. The push-back is about to become a tidal wave!

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