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Welcome To The Biden Gulag

We all laugh about Joe Biden’s quirks. The man is obviously demented and can barely string together incoherent sentences. But there’s a darker dimension to this administration. We’re seeing some of the most strident human rights violations we’ve ever witnessed from the White House. Joe Biden makes Richard Nixon look like a saint!

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 talks about those that Biden and his Leftist henchmen imprisoned from January 6. Many remain in solitary confinement and still haven’t even been formally charged. The treatment these prisoners are receiving brings to mind the Soviet gulags. Even if only half of what they say is true, it’s a total travesty — shameful and an embarrassment to the United States.

Meltdown In Maricopa

“Why, yes, I won the poker match. No, you can’t see my cards. Stop subverting the poker game. Prepare to defend your poker hand in court.”
-Literally Maricopa County

(Warning: Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is presented by Louie Anderson in Drag.)

More on the Arizona election audit from RazorFist.

Louie Anderson as Christine Baskets

Communism Infiltrating U.S.

While America still grapples with a myriad of troubles from wacky 2020, the rising threat of communism across the country is real.

Communist ideology has quietly permeated the U.S., especially in the education sector, where it’s shifted from empathy and moral values to political correctness, social unrest and racial tensions. Why? Author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon says the answer has been with us for years. “The Chinese Communist Party has infiltrated every level of American education, from the Confucius Institutes that you see on college campuses all over the country, which are indoctrination centers from the CCP line, to the Erikson Institute, a major early childhood education center based in Chicago. And they are partnering with the CCP to bring Chinese propaganda to preschool kids.” Here’s more with China in Focus host Tiffany Meier, and guests Loudon and NTD News David Zhang.




The Price For Playing It Safe

In the latest edition of Dennis Prager’s “Fireside Chat,” he reflects on this past year’s newfound obsession with safety. The price for playing it safe at everything in life is not fully living.

Safe has become a value, whereas people now neglect to say bye, so-long or take care. Instead, their retort is “be safe.” Prager says the term has become more holy and he can’t stand it. “If I had followed the admonition my whole life, I wouldn’t be here in this fireside chat and you would have no idea who I am,” he says. “I never played it safe.” Prager explains his logic, plus adds his take on the new Juneteenth holiday and military wokeness.

Pardon My Woo

The numbers of deaths from the coronavirus pandemic are going to be infinitesimal compared to the numbers of deaths we will now begin to see from the spiked vaccines. So says Clif_high in a new video exploring the growing evidence that the vaccines aren’t designed to preserve life, but rather to spread mass deaths and sterilizations. It will only be a matter of weeks, if not a month or two, before the population wises up to the chicanery.

Who’s behind it? Powerful politicians and business elites, like Bill Gates, who have been pushing depopulation for many, many years. This is not nature taking down people, but the murdering scum in control of society, backed by their media stooges. Here, we begin to get a look at the repercussions if we see 100,000,000 or even one billion or more people die over the next two to three years.

A Brief History Of Hopium

With all these decades and—in the case of the oldest democracies—centuries of broken political promises, you’d think that the public would have caught on to the game by now. But, if anything, recent events have revealed that people are becoming more addicted to this politician-peddled hopium even as the lies and broken promises become ever more ridiculous.  More from James Corbett on The Corbett Report.

Author Predicted Virus In ’81

Truth Seeker’s Zachary Hubbard takes a deep dive into a 2020 Fox News article that revealed mystery author Dean Koontz predicted the coronavirus in a 1981 novel. Koontz’s novel, The Eyes of Darkness, is eerily centered around a virus outbreak that begins in Wuhan, China, and is used as a bio-weapon during wartime. The virus is referred to as the perfect weapon, since it only affects humans.

Says Hubbard, “The coincidence between the book’s virus and the actual coronavirus outbreak is uncanny.” He speculates that it’s not serendipity but more likely another example of predictive programming that was put in fiction before it happened in real life, a process employed by the sinister Cabal throughout history. Hubbard takes a closer look at the novel and employs his gematria expertise to uncover other coincidences, such as Kobe Bryant’s death being predicted in a Comedy Central cartoon and the amazing and prophetic events surrounding the Titanic disaster.

It Cannot Be Stopped Anymore

We can no longer allow Fascists to strip us of every thing we own. They cannot take our possessions. They cannot force us to become slaves in their Marxist states. They can no longer erase and whittle down our self-respect. It’s time to fight them every step of the way. More from David Icke.

Individualism Has Limits

Black Pigeon Speaks introduces a new series of shorter pieces meant to generate discussion. In this first piece, he touches on the limits of individualism and how tribalism has contributed to the fall of the West.

In Praise Of Individuality

You’d think capitalism would be an easy sell. It’s not. The individuality at the heart of free-market capitalism makes it the only system where freedom to help your neighbor is exalted, and the motivation for corruption decreases.

It’s time for conservatives to collectively stand up and praise the virtues of individuality. Here’s Bill Whittle and Alfonzo Rachel and their thoughts on the subject.

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