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Prepare for Vampire War

(We have no idea if a global Vampire War is really on the horizon, and certainly do not want to suggest it’s either going to happen, as outlined here, or not. But we found this account quite informative, and certainly thought this video was worth presenting. We watched it through until the end!)

On October 17th, 2018 a Vampire will bite the wrist of a doctor or male nurse; in a hospital in Chicago, Illinois. A doctor or male nurse is going to stick his hand into the mouth of a Vampire, not knowing what it is. And he’s going to get bitten.

With that bite, the signal will be given for Vampires to come out of hiding and a War will begin pitting the Human vs. Vampire. It will begin in Chicago, Illinois, but the War is going to be global one.

Here are useful tips on how to prepare and what to expect if Vampires, do, indeed attack. First and foremost, acquire a sterling silver necklace and wear it every day, every where you go. Beware of signs denoting the presence of Vampires and learn how to tell which ones might attack. Make plans to enhance your safety. Find allies.

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