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Haunting Truth About Google

Tucker Carlson reveals an explosive e-mail from a Google executive on how the company assisted Hillary Clinton. The email came from Senior employee Eliana Murillo, the former head of Google’s multicultural marketing department. She deployed the company’s resources to increase voter turnout in ways she believed would help the Clinton campaign win in the last election. None of this was ever reported as a campaign contribution by the corrupt company.

We have to wonder: How can Google get away with such chicanery without its top brass landing up in jail? Republicans ought to fry these dirty creeps.

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Oops! A leaked video shows Google is just as fascist as all of us have been saying. They not only are Liberals, they are out to censor conservatives and Christians. Lisa Haven lays out the ugly facts.

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Styxhexenhammer666 says the Google tape shows how fundamentally flawed Silicon Valley has become. They are off in their little corner, to the left of San Francisco, and they don’t have the foggiest idea what the majority of Americans are like or believe or want to see. Styx calls this a “worrisome” trend. We’ll go further: President Donald Trump should bust up this hush-puppies.

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James Allsup takes an in-depth look at Google, how this Leftist company is using censorship and its algorithms to try to benefit Democrats and hurt Republicans. How did the company get so screwed up? What can be done to fix matters? Fortunately, even with all this cheating to benefit Hillary Rodham Clinton, the lying bitch still lost, and the election meddlers at Google went home sad and dejected.

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Mark Dice touches on the outrageous Google post-election discussion by its highest execs. Some want to try to reform them. That doesn’t seem likely to succeed. They should be busted up instead and receive fresh competition.

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Finally, the startling video has precipitated a Federal Trade Commission probe to see if Google needs to be broken up for its monopolistic practices. Bill Still reports.

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