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Policing “Offensive Comments”

Everything’s turning so PC that now folks are being rounded up by police for posting “offensive comments.” That’s right! If you don’t like an individual or an article, and you unload on them, the po po can come knocking on your door. Orwellian political correctness is running rampant, as Liberals go out of control. Lisa Haven has more.

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One of the big problems: The Left sees racism everywhere. Here, Tucker Carlson discusses CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, who sees racism as the answer to everything, from President Trump’s hurricane responses to his calling Maxine Waters dumb, to his attacks on Antifa. When charges of racism are hurled this easily, they no longer have any meaning or impact.

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Meanwhile, a new bill called the Stop Social Media Censorship Act takes aim at Facebook, Twitter and other corporations that try to censor people based on their religious or political beliefs, especially those whose beliefs run counter to the prevailing opinions of those firms’ employees. Here is an explanation of what the bill would do. Those who bring action against the social media firms, if validated in the court, could receive $75,000 in damages plus attorneys’ fees.

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