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The 13 Deep State Bloodlines

In this episode of Tentacles of the Deep State, the Edge of Wonder crew explores the 13 Deep State Bloodlines and their diabolical end game. In this episode, we get into the roots of the families behind the Committee of 300, the 13 Bloodlines and their craving for power and control.

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McAllisterTV examines one of the key areas of global Illuminati trade: The shipping and selling of body parts. One of the key sources of organs is China, which derives lungs, hearts, livers, all manner of body parts, from executed prisoners, many of them political prisoners. These prisoners will be beheaded to preserve their organs intact. In the United States, the hub for this illicit business is China. Organs can come from China or from Chicago’s own dead residents, including its astronomical pool of murder victims. Besides organ transplants, fillets and ribs and other muscles can be eaten, but typically not the liver or brain, owing to diseases that can be transferred.

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We close with a video from Pastor Keith Daniel in which he explores the deceitful nature of the New World Order. His focus is on Anthony Bourdain, the celebrated celebrity chef, who recently committed suicide, alng with the women in his life: actress/director Asia Argento and actress Rose McGowan.

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