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Time To Close The Border!

Demands to “close the border” are gaining more and more traction across the American political spectrum as videos depicting waves of immigrants flooding into the country spread across social media. But would that really do much to solve the problem, especially as U.S. foreign policy continues to create the conditions driving migrants to the United States?

Guest host Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with political commentator Kim Iversen about whether immigrants should be welcomed to fill open jobs and how the nation could better deal with all these people desperate to enter a United States that is deeply divided about whether to embrace them. Here’s more from the Jimmy Dore Show.

Tragic Death Of Matthew Perna

Prosecutors knew Matthew Perna was suicidal when they tried to lock up this non-violent January 6th defendant for as long as they could. It was more than he could bear. Here’s a full Rest of the Story documentary from Lara Logan that traces the arc of Matthew Perna’s life  and his tragic death.

11 Nations Foil Pandemic Treaty

Eleven nations, led by Russia, tossed a monkey wrench into the WHO’s proposed globalist pandemic treaty.

Tony Perkins, host of Washington Watch, welcomes former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to the podcast, who says the plan was hatched in May to conduct an historic  first-ever summit on global preparedness at this past week’s U.N. Assembly, calling for the 194 member-nations to approve the resolution. Bachman says the resolution was foiled a few days before the summit, when 11 nations sent a letter to the U.N. announcing they would not support the power grab.

Meanwhile, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and the EU nations kowtowed to globalists, all willing to sell out their citizens. Here’s more from Perkins and Bachman. Video courtesy of Sergeant Major.


A transvestite working as a military spokesman for Ukraine has been removed after threatening Americans. The spokesman, ‘Sarah’ Ashton-Cirillo, has been suspended and placed under investigation. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

Alliance Thwarts Infiltration

ICONS2020’s Sarge reveals never-released intel that the Alliance was infiltrated earlier this year, prompting a highly-classified meeting and plenty of finger-pointing.

Sarge says the top hierarchy of the Alliance were called to a meeting at an unknown location in late May to discuss operational strategies and coordination. He says there were heated exchanges over lagging operations in the final stage of the Great Awakening and fingers were being pointed at the European contingent and Western leaders for dragging their feet.

“I was told there was major infiltration at the highest level of the Western command that was the problem,” Sarge says. “But since then, they have identified and rectified it and cleaned it up.” Sarge says the Alliance also discovered there was a major disruption by enemy combatants in Middle Earth–which was responsible for the disaster in Hawaii–that needed to be cleaned out.

Sarge welcomes starseed warrior, Heidi, to the podcast to dissect the turn of events and discuss the threat of Inner Earth.

Globalists’ Rocky Mountain High

Here is Clif High’s conversation with David Nino Rodriguez, outlining an attack by the Deep State on a strategic location in the central United States. High pinpoints two possible locations for the attack — Cheyenne Mountain and the Denver International Airport, both in Colorado. He believes a direct energy weapon, or DEW, might be used for the attack, while authorities lie and claim a meteor struck the planet.

“We’re going to have some event that’s going to have so much relevant language following it that it’s going to dominate everything,” High says. Why the charade? Will it be tied to a failing economy? A dictatorial crime bill? Or triggered by another event altogether?

And when will it happen? High sees such an event occurring before April 3, 2024. He believes the attack is more likely this winter than either the fall or spring. He notes, “Psychics are picking up something way big.”

The Trafficking Train

Sara Carter reports that the cartels and human traffickers are upping the ante on our southern border, using the rails to transport illegal immigrants.

Carter says a video surfaced over the weekend of a train filled with hundreds of migrants, most of them children, making their way from Zacatecas, Mexico, into the United States. “Sometimes many kids fall off these trains, they are injured, they are killed. Sometimes they they are raped on their journey to the United States,” she says.

Meanwhile, back at the border, Carter sources a Fox News report that the flood of illegals crossing into the U.S. continues. In one of the largest mass crossings ever, more than 2,200 illegally made their way into the country at the Eagle Pass, Texas, port of entry. Stunningly, Carter says, the mainstream media remains silent on the story. Here’s more.

Pfizer’s Blood Contract

In the the aftermath of Covid-19’s social and economic disaster for many countries, more of Pfizer’s rigged contracts with the world’s governments have surfaced, revealing they took advantage and profited from the pandemic’s widespread panic.

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Judy Mikovits to the podcast to discuss the revelation–specifically the Pfizer-South Africa connection–and how they both knew the vaccine was potentially unsafe.

The Truth Of J6 Will Be Told

Lara Logan, former Sixty Minutes journalist, offers scandalous truths from the prosecution of January 6th protesters. She focuses on the death of Roseann Boyland, killed by Washington DC police officers who mercilessly beat her.

Logan’s observations are based on her own research, carried out with fellow journalist Ben Swann. She also drew from the research of Gary McBride. Logan is interviewed here by Mel K.

Clinton Graft In Ukraine

Cue the grift in 3…2…1! If there’s anyone who’s best positioned to capitalize on the suffering of nations, it’s the Clintons! Now, the Clinton Global Initiative is swooping down for a slice of the pie in the Ukraine. Here’s more from RedPill78.

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