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Christine Ford’s CIA Connections

Christine Ford, the Brett Kavanaugh accuser, oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program at Stanford University. That was a program developed by CIA-connected Stanford University professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges. Ford’s involvement with the CIA goes even farther because she is the daughter of a CIA black bag man, Ralph G. Blasey Jr., who also served as vice president of the National Savings and Trust, tapped by the CIA to fund its operations. Bill Still reports.

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McAllisterTV also delves into the issue: Is Christine Blasey Ford a CIA asset? It’s not surprising the Democrats would trot her out this election cycle. The party is running scores of candidates with Deep State backgrounds. This idiots are no longer content to just mess with democracy from afar, they are now trying to openly control our freedoms. They need to be beat down hard.


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