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Hell On Earth! Antarctica Video!

What’s in the sky? Weird lights and screams! Wikileaks: The occult number 13!

Some of the first video to come out of Antarctica, showing ancient pyramids!

Obama’s Reptilian security guard watched over a room full of alien creatures! Human experiments in Guatemala, where unsuspecting patients were given syphilis in test administered by U.S. doctors! The cloning center and dead celebrities!

Video mashup from OK.RU! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

The Dark Night Of The Soul

What are the six stages to the Dark Night of the Soul? How can you get through them?

Ellen DeGeneres and her coded message about the Covid-19 virus!?! Biden’s convoy! Kamala’s face! Reptiles in plain sight! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Jesuit Oath of Death!

What actually happened on January 5th? Were they all arrested the next day?

The Jesuit oath to murder and destroy all whom they deem as “heretics”! Obama’s Reptilian security guy!

Stewart Swerdlow on Draco Androgyny and the finality of their DNA! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Hillary And Tom Hanks’ Shoes

January 6th…What was really going on? Hillary’s shoe and Tom Hanks’ shoes! Hanks is a Rockefeller assassin!

Lin Wood and Mike Pence! Potus discovery! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Kaos Kulture Mind Kontrol

Norm Traversy joins Linda Paris for an incisive look into color programming and mind control. They offer a breakdown of Rosemary’s Baby. Colors have meaning. The power of red! The meanings of yellow! 1960s color programming!

The Illuminati have to tell us what their plans are! Giant hole in front of the Parliament Building! White House scaffolding! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Omicrons! The Royal Reptiles!

Updates! George Floyd! Bogdanoffs! Christian 21 remix! Bogdanoffs are Royal omicrons, some of the most powerful and upper echelon of the Reptilian species! They lord over the Draco! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

Reptilians Control The World

Reptilians dominate politics worldwide. All of them are related by blood! If we knew exactly how many of these bloodsuckers controlled our governments, we would die! They also exert full power over global media outlets!

Here’s McAllister TV with a new video, also delving into Tory Smith and Christian 21. She says there are very few humans in government whatsoever.

Reptilian Black Magic!

Christian 21 rehash! Arizona Wilder! Reptilian sex magic! Greys are escorts! They need the blood for the propagation of their race!

Demons are controlling Reptilians! Black magic is voodoo! Good Reptilians are vegetarians! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

The Race To Antarctica!

Hi guys! I created thuis video for my channel back in 2018. I was known as “Deplorable McAllister” back then.

I explore the race to Antarctica by the Free Masons and the Bankers! They are all 33rd degree Free Masons and they were funded by the Bankers! Now, sit back and watch the show from McAllister TV.

Obama: Crooked Joe’s Boss!

Scratch the holographic shell of crooked Joe Biden and you’ll rub up against his boss: the sinister CIA shill Barack Obama. Is Hillary Clinton still relevant? How about Peekaboo Letitia James and her transgender gang?

We’re counting on President Donald Trump to tame these monsters and end the abuse and mutilation of children! Will he terminate the Department of Education? We also look toward Trump to do what he can to prevent World War III! The hapless Biden administration certainly won’t help us. Joe will be hiding in his basement when the bombs go off!

Also in this edition: No men in women’s sports! Watch out for The Snake! Here’s more from McAllister TV.

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