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Are You Ready to See Arrests?

Now that Brett Kavanaugh has been elected to the Supreme Court, and Republicans hold a 5-4 advantage there, we are going to see mass arrests involving more than 55,000 sealed indictments. Typically, federal courts hear 1,000 to 2,000 indictments per year, so the current backlog represents a total more than 25 times the normal number. We expect some of these will be quite sweeping and shocking, not only involving charges including murder, but also human trafficking, espionage and all manner of skullduggery. Destroying the Illusion has more.

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On October 4th Q asked, “Are you ready to see arrests? Are you ready to see pain? Are you ready to be a part of history?” Caravan to Midnight host John B. Wells joins SGTReport to break down the latest and John says, “You’re GOING to see arrests. And then your going to see indictments. And then you’re going to see CONVICTIONS. They are scared to death.”

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