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A Red October Panic

Christine Ford caught in lie after lie. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and the Dems got rope a doped. And now Dr. Fraud & Feinstein are likely the focus of the FBI’s investigation. Meanwhile, Department of Justice Blackhawks filled with commandos are performing extraction exercises in downtown Chicago in broad daylight. Think transportation for traitors. More from the SGTReprt.

The Left has played their final hand, and it’s a loser. The Constitution, Bill of Rights and rule of law is the Royal Flush and WE THE PEOPLE hold the winning cards. Dustin Nemos joins SGTReport to discuss the shrill Marxist leanings of our enemies and the red wave that will bury them and their communist manifesto once and for all. WWG1WGA.

There’s a Red Moon on the rise! Q says to expect panic and pain this month. McAllisterTV shares the Q drops.

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