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The Results Are In!

Elizabeth Warren has released her DNA tests and they show she has some Native blood. Of course, her Native ancestry is so long ago and so limited that most white Americans, on average, have a greater percentage of Native ancestry than Sen. Pocahontas of Massachusetts. Mark Dice has the story.

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Barbara4u2c discusses the six times that Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., lied about her heritage.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is demanding President Donald Trump pony up $1 million after taking up his challenge to release DNA test results to quantify her Native American ancestry, Breitbart reports. The Boston Globe reported Monday that Warren’s test results show the 2020 Democrat hopeful has between 1/64th – 1/1,024 Native American ancestry — or 0.097 percent to 1.56 percent.

Despite having so little Native American DNA, Warren is touting the test results as vindication from skeptical conservatives, who have long stated the progressive senator falsely claimed Cherokee lineage during her career in academia. In a tweet Monday, Warren called on President Trump to pay $1 million to charity, as he suggested in a July rally speech. He better now that Liawatha Fauxcahontas has spoken.

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