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Why NPC Meme Crashed Twitter

My, does the mainstream media sure hate any honest competition. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks examines the latest competition — the NPC meme — and how this one inventive meme crashed Twitter. #OrangeManBad

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Here’s another look at the NPC meme — the one that is sending the Social Justice Warriors into conniptions because it captures, so effortlessly, how they are all alike and always so dumb and indistinguishable.  Yes, apply Logic and SJWs will melt down every time.

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Geeks & Gamers says the NPC meme might be the best meme ever.  Soon, we’ll no longer be calling them left-wingers, just NPCs.

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Finally, we bring you the ultimate NPC chant. “NPC Meme Go Away, Shame, Shame, Shame, Shame.”

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