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Japanese Abortions: No Circus

Women in the West try to rub abortion into everyone’s faces. But Japan handles abortions much differently. There is more dignity, some regret and much less political hysteria. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

An American Caesar Rises

Drawing from Oswald Spengler and his two-volume book The Decline of The West, Black Pigeon Speaks says we might now be approaching the new age of a modern American Caesar. Why is our society changing? Why has a European think tank now labeled us “a backsliding democracy?” Why are more Americans now in favor of a coup? Watch and learn.

End Of Western Civilization

A superstorm of turmoil is threatening to end Western society. Now, George Soros is even suggesting the end has come and that World War III looms.

Here, Black Pigeon Speaks addresses what’s happening in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere as the storm clouds gather.

Americans Flirting With Idiocy

Just how idiotic and stupid are Americans getting? They argue about the war in the Ukraine, but do they even know where that nation is? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Why We Fight: Part II

In the second installment to the Why We Fight series, Black Pigeon Speaks once again looks back on World War II. Only here, he’s exploring the legacy of the United States and its fight against Adolf Hitler. The title of this video installment: The U.S. Vs. The Evildoers.

Why We Fight

Here is a look back at World War II, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Americans’ decision to enter the war and fight back. This is part one of a new video series by Black Pigeon Speaks. We will bring you the second video, turning its focus on Adolf Hitler, later this week.

America’s Derivative Symbolism

Black Pigeon Speaks deconstructs examples of derivative symbolism. First, he explores signs and symbols throughout the Commonwealth nations of Australia, Canada and New Zealand — all patterned after the originals arising in Great Britain. But the bulk of this video examines the derivative signs and symbols of the United States, mostly patterned after those of ancient Greece and Rome.


America Crosses The Rubicon

Smile, we are entering Clown World. America has officially crossed the Rubicon. Joe Biden is not in charge. Ever try to understand what this babbling fool is attempting to say? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Clews: A Glimpse Into The Abyss

Black Pigeon Speaks launches Clown World News, which he promises will be a semi-regular, perhaps weekly, glimpse into the current events that the fake news ignores.


Somali Pirates Vs. California

California is careening, moving closer toward to becoming the nation’s most crime-infested dumping grounds. Thieves don’t just rob department stores now, but target trains carrying freight bound for the hinterlands of the West. How long before we see Somali pirates along the Long Beach shores? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

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