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The Greatest Scam Never Told

Most people are unaware of the intricacies of the financial system. It’s not only because the system is sos elaborate, but the details are rarely openly discussed in the mainstream media. Here, Black Pigeon Speaks addresses this issue, which he calls The Greatest Scam Never Told.


The Fall Of South Africa

A distraction manufactured right before our eyes. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

The Worldwide Awakening

We bring you two international videos that show the growth of The Great Awakening on a global scale.

First, we offer a 22-minute conversation between Ireland’s Computing Forever and the Canadian pundit Black Pigeon Speaks. Visit Black Pigeon Speaks’ web channels to see the full video, which runs an hour in length.

And from Australia, we get this fast-paced roast from the ever-challenging Aussie content creator The Crowhouse. He cites Eugene Debs, “Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization. Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation.”

China’s Fresh Little Meat

China has embarked on a war against “sissy men,” gamers and Western hypocrisy. All this while men in the West have turned more introverted and withdrawn. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


The Red Army Rape Of Berlin

It’s one of the final taboos of World War II that no one mentions. As the Soviet Army descended upon Berlin, the Soviet soldiers raped thousands of women — elderly women and children as well as pregnant women. Even nuns — all raped without pity. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

The Taliban Meme War

The Taliban are enjoying the opportunity to troll Joe Biden and the West. Are we circling the drain? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

American Bogeyman: Yes

The Afghan debacle is seemingly drawing to a close. There remain some 15,000 Americans within Afghanistan as the bungling Joe Biden administration evacuated many foreigners ahead of its own citizens. New questions emerge from this transition. Will Communist China become the new bogeyman for Americans, replacing Russia? And how will U.S. troops gain combat experience now that their “sandbox” — Afghanistan — is gone? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

The Truth About Afghanistan

Wow, who could have seen this coming? More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Why did America fail? Was it all the fault of the incompetent Biden administration? Why did America linger so long — more than 20 years — only to withdraw in a blaze of defeat at the hands of evil doers? Were we just supporting a corrupt regime so the CIA could pad its coffers by selling opium? More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Big Pharma: Do Not Pass Go

America’s most admired lawbreakers. Here is a ballad of vaccines, profits and death, spinning around the crooks and charlatans who run our Big Pharma companies, like Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.


Afghanistan: Military Sandbox

Did the United States actually have military objective in Afghanistan? Or was the objective of the war there different? It paid the U.S. military to have a sandbox to keep their veterans battle-trained. And where better to destabilize the environment than right on the doorsteps of Russia and China. And especially in a country like Afghanistan where opium could be raised to feed the globalist wishes of the CIA. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

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