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They Want to Kill the Internet

Facebook is targeting what they deem “fake news” with third party verification, while in the EU the Fascist oligarchy in the European Parliament has passed the Copyright Directive with Articles 11 and 13, which are targeted directly at free speech. Fortunately, free speech is protected in the United States by the U.S. Constitution, and online by the Fair Use clause. But it’s clear that the New World Order would like to kill the Internet and cleanse it of free speech because they are losing badly in the public square of ideas. Bill Ottman, the CEO of, joins SGTReport to discuss.

All the censorship is leading many people — especially conservatives and independents — to turn away from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter that have been badgering everyone who isn’t a flaming Leftist. These social media platforms are under scrutiny for arbitrarily deleting hundreds of accounts and restricting competing viewpoints in service of their own political agendas. In response, many users have begun to flock to competing platforms who emphasize a commitment to free speech. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports. Then, the inimitable Lionel of Lionel Media offers his insights.

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