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Trans Manifesto Sparks Uproar

The fake news and Big Tech are the enemies of the people. YouTube and Facebook both ratcheted up their censorship following the release of the Nashville shooter’s manifesto. A media uproar is confirmed. Now, the police are doubling their efforts to identify and catch whomever leaked the documents to the Louder with Crowder channel.

Reports Steve Crowder, “A lot has happened since we publicized the excerpts from the Nashville shooter’s manifesto yesterday. We are going to fill you in on who said what, what’s happening now, the latest developments, responses from the media, and more! If you have information about this incident please send us a tip at”

Why Elon Musk Bought X

Elon Musk says he realized that purchasing X (then Twitter) was a recipe for trouble, but he adds, “This may sound melodramatic, but I thought it was having a corrosive effect on civilization.”

Appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience, Musk equates the founding of Twitter as a information technology weapon to propagate a mind virus, which he say is evident in the shocking homeless refuge surrounding the company in downtown San Francisco, where the company is located. “It’s a zombie apocalypse,” he says.

Musk elaborates, discusses social media as a whole and shares his thoughts on other issues.

A Livestreamed Nightmare!

The bipeds that make up Hamas are not just inhumanly brutal when gunning down women and children in their nursery, they also have shown a talent for extraordinary emotional and psychological torture and cruelty, as well.

The “Right Angle Crew” of Scott Ott, Bill Whittle and Stephen Green discuss Hamas’ disgusting livestreamed torture of American hostages live on Facebook for their families to see. Here’s more.

Uniparty: Exposed, Vulnerable

The dustup over the Republican House Speaker has exposed the fallacy that we have two competing parties. We do have a few Republicans trying to establish a clearcut GOP Party.

But much of the Republican House membership remains a bunch of RINOs. They might as well be leftist Democrats, because they sure as Hell do not represent any of us. They are merely in Congress for the graft and corruption — same as their Democratic allies.

At least now, we not only can see the traitors in Congress, but also the deep and duplicitous hands of Big Tech. Google, Facebook, the rest of this insidious alliance can no longer hide. They are losing their ability to control us, as they themselves become exposed.

Yes, Babylon is falling. Biden is seeking billions in new dollars to feather the Democrats’ globalist allies in Ukraine and Israel. Welcome to the Revolution.  Do not conform. We rise or we die! Here’s more from And We Know.

Juan O. Savin: Trust The Plan

An animated Juan O. Savin says we are approaching the scariest time of our lives. He says this is a near-death experience and everything worth living for is on the line.

Appearing on Nino’s Corner TV, with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, Savin emphasizes we are in a bullfight with the Deep State. “The real fight isn’t for Trump. It’s not even for the concept of America.,” Savin says. “It’s for the human race.” More with Savin, Rodriguez and special guest Ryan Veil.

Juan O. Savin: Big Red Button

Juan O. Savin says there are some difficult decisions ahead for America, which includes escaping from some wayward paths.

Taking into consideration all the chaos in the country today, Savin says he would borrow a quip from his close friend and author Larry Abraham, who said back in the ’80s that if there were a big red button to shut everything down he wouldn’t hesitate to press it. Says Savin, “I would shut the whole f#cking thing down, everything, and reset a lot of what’s going on in the country, and kind of methodically look at how you’re restarting stuff.”

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin elaborates, explains the dire consequences of the Democrats getting away with a stolen 2020 election and points to social media giants, Google, YouTube and Facebook as the danger to our country today.

When Bad News Breaks…

Why doesn’t anyone trust the mainstream media any more? Because it’s fake news — dished out by the CIA to protect the Democrats.

If there was even a tony, slender thread of truth to anything reported by the fake news, we would have learned more about Jeffrey Epstein and his notorious Caribbean island for pedophiles. The rich, fat cats descended upon that cesspool in droves to rape and massacre children, yet the fake news still denies what happened and tries to shield those responsible.

It’s time to cut to the chase in addressing this sham. The same fake news told us the vaccines were safe and effective, when they were neither safe nor effective. They pressed upon us to wear masks and demanded those who didn’t “mask up” should lose their jobs. Now, we know this was all just another humiliation ritual perpetrated upon everyday Americans by the child trafficking scum in charge.

Here’s more from And We Know, including a look at how Australians are dealing with a cashless society.

Meta’s Threads Dying On Vine

In today’s video, we take a look at how Meta’s Threads app is doing. Spoiler alert! Not well…Here’s more from Awaken with JP.

Biden Just Can’t Stop Censoring

The Biden Administration censors ask the Fifth Circuit to stay the lower court’s injunction that prohibits them from colluding with Big Tech Companies. This administration just can’t stop censoring the truth. They are corrupt and a pack of liars, and need to be taken to task every step of the way. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Hollywood Pushing Censorship

More than 250 Hollywood actors and other “notables” sign a letter demanding that Big Tech censor Americans with whom they disagree. In a letter to Facebook, YouTube and others, GLAAD demands more take-downs of “hateful” material, mostly dealing with transgenders. You have to wonder: How long should we put up with these leftists? When should we begin establishing censorship boards for Hollywood movies?

Among those pushing the swill: Amy Schumer, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, Jamie Lee Curtis, Judd Apatow and Patrick Stewart. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

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