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Trump Vs. The Puppets

The private Federal Reserve, controlled by the elite international banks, does not care if raising interest rates destroys the US economy, or balloons the national debt interest payments to $1 Trillion per year. Meanwhile French puppet President Macron & German witch Merkel want an EU Army for their NWO masters to control. At this point it Trump VS. the puppets and their masters. Trade Genius founder Bob Kudla joins SGTReport to discuss.

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X22 also offers an interesting update showing how the Mueller Probe has run out of steam. Instead of disbanding, Mueller is keeping up the fire against Trump, pretty much fabricating crimes at this point. The interesting question: Is Mueller actually going after Trump, or is he a “white hat” who will, in time, expose the legal shenanigans of the Clintons? Stay tuned.

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Finally, Jordan Sather looks at Trump’s reaction to the Deep State in sharing a meme that shows a bunch of the dirtiest Democrats and lying operatives like Mueller and Comey thrown into prison. Sather calls it the “Trump treasure meme.” In this update, he also gets into the Mars landing, Antarctica, vaccines and GMO mosquitoes.

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