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Why Q-Anon Freaks Them Out

The reaction to anything new today is to loathe and reject it. Dismiss it as dangerous or evil and decry its existence. Toss it into the conspiracy theory heap. Classify it as nationalist or racist or white nationalist . . . whatever you can do to reject, refuse and refute it. Millennial audiences and newer voters see the world in a way that MSM news sockpuppets can’t even conceive. So, be that way if you’d like. Dismiss the concept. At your peril. Behold, patriots, the new world.  Lionel Nation explains.

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In a related piece, the X22 Report says the Deep State Army has been defeated. That’s why President Trump is able to remove all military from Syria. Why did the Deep State fight there in the first place? So they could gain a stranglehold over Middle Eastern oil. Meanwhile, Loretta Lynch is testifying behind closed doors. We’ll see if what she says implicates Comey, Brennan, the Clintons or Obama.

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