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Going Round in Circles

A bunch of Democratic lawbreakers got a rude awakening Thursday. They were on buses in Washington, D.C., supposedly heading to a military base to start an overseas tour to Afghanistan and Egypt with a stopover in Belgium. But an hour or so before departure time, President Trump pulled the plug on the trip, saying they had no business flying  off when they hadn’t finished their work in the Capitol.

Some might call Trump’s gesture sophomoric, but we think it’s time these Democrats got a rude awakening. They are playing so many games they have forgotten they were elected to do the people’s business. They are not getting any business done now, so why should they be enjoying a vacation. The excursionists included Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and also the creep Californian, Adam Schiff.

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Democrats, of course, freaked out after their vacation trip was canceled, calling President Trump a “man child” and worse. Time these turkeys learned a lesson. If they don’t want to conduct legitimate business — just whistle-stop tour around the world — then they should be called out, their trips postponed indefinitely. Reach an agreement on the Wall, bozos, or get lost and go home.

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Nancy Pelosi lands on the no-fly list. Boo hoo! O stewardess, I speak jive!

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