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Pelosi’s SOTU Stunt

Bill O’Reilly joins Wayne Allyn Root to talk about Nancy Pelosi un-inviting Trump to give the State of the Union address and how it is all just a publicity stunt to keep her in the news. They also discuss the crowded 2020 Democratic ticket. More from Newsmax TV.

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Styxhexenhammer666 takes a look at Pelosi’s maneuver. He concurs with Dan Bongino, who says Pelosi is “just being insulting.” Says Styx, “I think he should just ignore her plea.”

What’s the problem with Pelosi? She’s a phony. She tries to create laws that will hem in the President. These are laws that do not apply equally to the members of Congress. In other words, her laws are for thee, not for me. MRCTV explains.

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