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Androgyne First Ladies

Many have speculated that Michelle Obama is a man — not a woman. Her children, after all, are not actually her children, bur rather adopted. And we have seen a protuberance dangling off her body more than once when she breaks into an exuberant dance or some strenuous form of exercise. Peculiar, to say the least.

But was Michael/Michelle the first “First Lady” who wasn’t a lady? Hate to say it, but photographs and records of the first ladies throughout history suggest scores of them might possibly be trannys. Here, McAllisterTV goes back in time to review some of the more prominent cases.

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If you need further proof, look at these images of Anna Harrison, the wife of William Henry Harrison, the ninth President of the United States. William Henry Harrison gets glossed over in US history classes because he only served one month. He came down to Washington, DC, for a month in 1841 and died from pneumonia before his wife Anna could join him. But take a look at this “First Lady” and we think you’re very likely to echo Austin Powers: “That’s a man, baby.”


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