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Google Loses Bias Tiff

Google just lost a major battle in its lawsuit alleging hiring bias against conservatives. Let’s hope Google gets reamed in the courts for its blatant discrimination. A crackdown on Big Tech is badly needed as these social media platforms have turned totally vicious and are conspiring to diminish and steal the freedoms that Americans have always enjoyed.

If they want to silence us, it’s time we took every one of these companies to the cleaners and taught them a valuable lesson on being more fair and open-minded. As it now stands, they are monsters, they are out of control, and, just like Frankenstein or Dracula, we must drive stakes through the hearts of these beasts! More from Tim Pool.

If you want to fully understand You Tube’s latest Orwellian move to censor the alternative media read this establishment tripe from Politico:… Meanwhile, the DOJ has launched an antitrust investigation into parent company Alphabet. Things are heating up and with these actions today I think You Tube and Google just sealed their fate. Wayne Jett joins SGTReport to discuss.

SGTReport released a second video on the Voxadpocalypse, featuring an interview with Bill Holter. The video’s entitled, “They Are Losing Badly, So They Cheat.”

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