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Google Whistleblower: It’s Love!

Zach Vorhies joins us to discuss the veracity of the claims behind the newest Google AI whistleblower. The claims: The whistleblower is in love with the sentient AI. What boundaries will be crossed next? More from RedPill78.

WEF: Just A Bunch Of Thugs

Kathy Barnette, Republican Senate hopeful from Pennsylvania, has openly called out the World Economic Forum as a gang of globalist thugs. Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Mehmet Oz in the race, while Barnette is picking up a lot of grassroots conservative support.

Also in this edition: The mainstream media mocks the pro-life movement. Plus, more on Ukraine and the election fraud expose 2000 Mules. Pray! More from And We Know.

Barnette must be picking up steam. Her opponents have floated the notion she received $2 million in campaign funds from Google. But RedPill78 looks into her campaign financial records and finds no such donations from Google. She has instead received lots of small donations from individual donors across Pennsylvania. The “big” corporate money seems to be going to Oz and David McCormick.

Also, the WHO is making a power grab and here’s how to help stop it. And was the Tonga volcanic eruption in January, actually a nuclear test? More from RedPill78.

Pirate Of Silicon Valley

Elon Musk is raising the stakes, launching a hostile takeover of Twitter. He’s putting the Deep State between a rock and a hard place.

No doubt, the censor-pushing goons who run Twitter will resist his offer. But how will they defend their actions with Twitter shareholders? More from The Salty Cracker.

Whatever happens with the Musk offer, it’s hilarious to see all of the Leftist meltdowns. These are people who can’t win debates. They can only stack the decks and push their rabid censorship.

Hopefully, they’ll be left decimated at Twitter, so much so that their Leftist counterparts at Facebook and Google/YouTube will read the handwriting on the wall and stop acting like such fascist pricks.  Here, Paul Joseph Watson reviews the leftist meltdowns over Musk.


Liz Wheeler digs deeper into and discovers the long and tangled web of their radical-leftist agenda. Here’s her report.

Go Around Internet Censorship

Now that DuckDuckGo has officially DuckDuckGone in the direction of censorship, what’s a free speech-loving, liberty-minded conspiracy realist to do? Never fear, #SolutionsWatch is here. In the first of a series of explorations of Alt Tech, James Corbett talks to Colin Pape of Presearch, a decentralized search engine that is seeking to offer an alternative to the Big Tech monopolization of search. More from The Corbett Report.

DuckDuckGo Sells Out

I warned you about DuckDuckGo, bro! The sellout browser says it will now tackle “disinformation.” In other words, we’ll soon have another Google 3.0, pushing CIA lies. And the lemmings are jubilant! More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Missing From The World Stage

Google apparently is playing censorship games once again. Now, they have removed links to web references about Russian leader Vladimir Putin being a member of the World Economic Forum.

Many world leaders are members of the WEF, including Us President Joe Biden, as well as the prime ministers of Canada (Justin Trudeau), Australia (Scott Morrison), the United Kingdom (Boris Johnson) and New Zealand (Jacinta Ardern). More from Jamie Dlux.

Don’t Be Evil

“Don’t Be Evil” served as Google’s unofficial motto since early 2000 when the phrase appeared in a company code of conduct. But a few years ago, the phrase was dropped as Google adopted a more transhumanist position, advocating that mankind merge with machinery and Artificial Intelligence.

Now, you have any number of knuckleheads — Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Jeff Zuckerberg — all dabbling with this form of futurist thinking. Do they want to live forever or challenge God? Are they aware if just how evil they are perceived to be? Mark Dice gets into the Tech Revolution no one is talking about.


Insurrection Occurred 11-3

The [Deep State] is now pushing everything they have. They know it is game over if the people are not fully vaccinated. The tests are about to change and the truth will be revealed. They will continue to push pressure but this will fail. The more they push the people will not comply. The fear tactics do not work anymore.

Trump continues to remind everyone that the insurrection occurred on 11.3. The Jan 6 [False Flag] is now being exposed. The people are now seeing how the FBI and others orchestrated the entire operation. The [Deep State] narrative is falling apart. Trump is going to hold a press conference on Jan 6. Interesting timing. More from the X22 Report.

Era Of Big Tech Ending

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report has a major announcement for anyone looking for Big Tech alternatives. Innovative Big Tech competition has arrived with Rumble’s announcement that it is acquiring Locals Technology, Inc. Buying Locals will help Rumble’s mission of giving creators even more autonomy over their work and connections with their audience.

The era of the Big Tech monopoly may be ending as true alternatives like Locals and Rumble empower their creators to generate revenue without being limited by corporate advertisers and special interests. Most importantly, Locals users own their community data and content.

The era of creators being dependent on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter is ending! Watch to hear what’s coming next!

Big Tech gained its power — and also went seriously astray — through its merger with the state. Are these bona fide private companies or simply fascist arms of the state? What are the links connecting Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to overreaching, thug agencies like the CIA? Here, the British-based Podcast of the Lotus Eaters discusses the topic “Cyberfascism: The State and Social Media.”

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