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Epstein: Agent For Mossad

Vincent Vendetta validates our growing suspicions that the late Jeffrey Epstein and his consort, Ghislaine Maxwell, blackmailed the world’s elite while serving as undercover agents for Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency. This come from Vincent’s new channel on YouTube. The platform banned his old channel. They just can’t stop with the censorship. Fools!

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Meanwhile, a new victim has stepped forward to disclose how Epstein raped her and pimped her out. The victim: Teala Davies. More from The Telegraph.

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We give you a double dose today of Vincent Vendetta. In part, because he is always so good. But we also want to send viewers to him, seeing as how YouTube is working so hard to suppress and censor his content. They should know by now. The more they censor material, the faster it will leak out. Here, Vincent discusses The Royal Flood. We lifted this off Bitchute as it hasn’t appeared yet on YouTube. We recommend all of you gravitate toward BitChute. Why linger on a site like YouTube that lies and censors!



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