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It’s Going To Be Biblical

In Pursuit of Truth speaks of this justice and says it’s “gonna be Biblical.” Here, he also addresses the threats against Rudy Giuliani by the corrupt Democrats who raped and pillaged the Ukraine, starting with Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

The [Deep State] fake impeachment has not worked. The patriots have trapped the [DS] and no matter which way they turn, it is checkmate. Nancy Pelosi/Adam Sschiff and the [DS] players are now panicking, Joe Biden is now lashing out. We will see others do they same very soon. The Senate was the target and now the investigations are shifting to the Senate. This is going to be biblical. Q drops more bread. Confirms that the patriots are in control. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV also gets Biblical, reviewing the latest posts from our favorite Anon — Q. She offers her followers instructions on how to proceed if her channel is knocked offline by the censors at Google/YouTube. We’ll second her thoughts, while adding our own message: If Google/YouTube does push blatant and extensive censorship, we must mobilize to ensure these companies and their media allies all suffer billions of dollars in losses. We not only must ensure the truth is not defeated, but work to punish these Liberal lying outfits.

JustInformed Talk gets into Rudy Giuliani’s “dead man’s switch.” Giuliani says if he is killed, or disappears, the corruption information he has collected on the Democrats in the Ukraine, Romania, China and elsewhere will be introduced. And it will be introduced even if none of the lying mass media networks say a word.

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