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Jamie Dlux cites a report from the supermarket tabloid The Globe suggesting agents aligned with the British royal family killed Jeffrey Epstein.  The newspaper cites CIA sources for its shocking leak.

This video, entitled Quickfire News, features rapid-fire clips from Vincent Vendetta on Prince Andrew, Alyssa Milano, Hunter Biden and Angela Merkel.

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Virginia Roberts Giuffre attorney David Boies has dropped a bombshell. He says the reason ABC dropped its coverage of Jeffrey Epstein was because Alan Dershowitz brought pressure to bear on the network, and it caved. Here, Boies discusses Dershowitz’s machinations with The Whistleblower Newsroom.

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Big news must be about to break about Jeffrey Epstein. How do we know? Because all of a sudden, the New York Times is starting to pretend like they are actual journalists and might start to cover aspects of this story — the same story that they have buried, ignored and denied for decades. That’s because this was a story too hot for the New York Times to report, a story that would bring down the house upon the rich child rapists and murderers the New York Times supports. More from HighImpactFlix, focusing on how the Times is being widely mocked by those of us who have been pointing these horrible truths for years now.



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