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Get Ready For Comms Blackout

The [Deep State] is panicking. They know nothing will stop what coming. Twitter begins the communication blackout and will suspend anyone if they post a pic without consent, getting ready for the purge.

The Maxwell trial is in full swing and the fake news is distracting the people, making them think Trump is involved with Epstein. This will backfire on them like the Russia hoax.

The election fraud is being presented in multiple states. This is not going to go well for the [Deep State]. All three movies are playing at the same time. Justice marker. More from the X22 Report.

Watch The Water

Ghislaine Maxwell was a triple agent: MOSSAD-CIA-KGB, just like her father and Jeffrey Epstein. Here, we come to understand a bit more why we’ve been warned to “watch the water.” Richard Branson comes into play. Also Barack Obama. And other criminal pedophiles.

Investigative reporter Edward Szall is covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. appearing on the Stew Peters Show, Szall says Maxwell plans to use what’s called “the Garden of Eden defense.” In other words, she’s citing what Szall calls a “ridiculous woke argument.”

Plan Afoot To Install HRC

First we take a look at the troubling facts in the Maxwell case and the possibility that an old Deep State family is planning to cover up the crimes of the elites and then we look at the very [plausible theory that HRC may be installed once Kamala and Joe leave office. More from RedPill78.

The enemy has created a problem to justify taking our freedom. Put on the full armor of God! You are a bright light in darkness. More from And We Know.

Have You Heard Of This Place?

They’re castaways, hidden away on Epstein’s Isle. That’s the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein as the Skipper, hosting a motley crew including Joe Biden, Kevin Spacey, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. More from The United Spot.

Epstein Documents Released

New docs from the Bureau of Prisons reveal Epstein definitely didn’t kill himself. A pedo sympathizer Professor gets fired and the Marxist agenda intersects perfectly. More from RedPill78.

Walt Disney And Jeffrey Epstein

The Jury is being selected for the case the Pedophile Elite feared, and the Judge has already ruled that the co-conspirators have to be named. Think this could be why they’ve all gone insane?

The fact that Ghislaine’s Submarine is being discussed on the news shows that things have changed. Just wait till the normies learn that Disney Cruise Ships had a routine underwater child delivery stop to Epstein’s docking bay.

It’s great to see Liz Crokin’s return to the news, hope she becomes a regular contributor to OANN. More from SonofEnos.

With the Ghislaine Maxwell trial getting under way, it’s time to review the many tribulations surrounding Ghislaine, as well as her confidant and partner in crime — Jeffrey Epstein. Here is the Mouthy Buddha video that explores the realm of Ghislaine and her TerraMar submarine work.

Epstein’s Many Collaborators

Just how many major corporations and celebrities were deeply involved in Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking operations, operations that allegedly culminated with the rape and murder of children? You’ll be shocked to see how many are named as co-defendants in the newly opened Maxwell trial.

No wonder the fake news is barely covering the trial. Half their advertisers are implicated! The roster includes the Walt Disney Corporation and Sprint, as well as major figures from Hollywood and the music industry. More from Steven Crowder.

In a new twist, the family of Ghislaine Maxwell has appealed to the United Nations, seeking bail on grounds that the American judicial system is corrupt beyond repair. Mel K discusses the case with Nicholas Veniamin.

Pope Greets Epstein, Maxwell

As the Ghislaine Maxwell trial opens, a new picture has emerged, showing the late Pope John Paul II  in a private meeting with Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and Maxwell’s brother. The meeting reportedly took place in 2003, as Epstein and crew flew to the Vatican on board his jet, the Lolita Express.

Funny how a pope has time to meet with alleged child murderers!  Maybe the prelates should allow more time to work on their damage control. More from Jordan Sather with Destroying the Illusion.

The mainstream media is largely ignoring the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell, child pimp for Jeffrey Epstein and his fatcat friends. Guess it’s no big deal when the rich and famous prey upon children.  or maybe those bigwigs have bought off the media. The press isn’t exactly known for being honest or forthright or believable any more.

In other news, we’re learning about:

  • Which categories have been hit the hardest by US inflation.
  • The Texas Attorney General accuses the Biden regime of aiding and abetting criminal border crisis as a large migrant caravan approaches.
  • A metallurgist has admitted to 30 years of falsifying records of strength testing of steel for U.S. Navy submarines. Q warned us of this years ago.
  • Australia has begun to round up the unvaxed
  • Finally, a Navy shipbuilder backpedals on vaccine mandate after flood of employees threaten to quit. More from Dustin Nemos.



Crimes Against Children

The [Deep State] is panicking. They are preparing for [Ghislaine Maxwell’s] court case and trying to get ahead of the story. Crimes against children is the common denominator. This will connect the dots and shine a light on the cult. The [Deep State] is losing each and every battle and they will fight until the very end. The pandemic narrative is falling apart. The people around the world are pushing back and winning. In the end, the perfect storm will be upon them and they will not be able to hide in the shadows. The people will demand justice.More from the X22 Report.

Ghislaine Maxwell On Trial

The Ghislaine Maxwell trial has begun and stunning new evidence is set to make the elite’s knees quiver…More from RedPill78.


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