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Bait Taken, Trap Set

The [Deep State] is now pushing for impeachment, They are preparing the articles of impeachment, but they don’t include quid pro quo, bribery, extortion. Why is that? We know why.

The patriots tangled the bait and the [DS] Dems took the bait. The MSM is spinning the IG FISA report because they know how damaging it really is. This report is going to be used as the foundation for what is coming. Barr says it takes time to gather evidence, make sense of it and then indict. The Department Of Justice will not move forward unless they have it all, and soon that announcement will be made. More from the X22 Report.

Democrats and naysayers still like to put down Q and, especially, Q followers. But the IG report released Monday contains no fewer than seven proofs that the Q phenomenon is real and legitimate. Destroying the Illusion explains.

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JustInformed Talk says the IG Report isn’t as disappointing as it seemed at first. There are hidden messages, for instance, within the report. Here’s an example.

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