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The Trafficking Train

Sara Carter reports that the cartels and human traffickers are upping the ante on our southern border, using the rails to transport illegal immigrants.

Carter says a video surfaced over the weekend of a train filled with hundreds of migrants, most of them children, making their way from Zacatecas, Mexico, into the United States. “Sometimes many kids fall off these trains, they are injured, they are killed. Sometimes they they are raped on their journey to the United States,” she says.

Meanwhile, back at the border, Carter sources a Fox News report that the flood of illegals crossing into the U.S. continues. In one of the largest mass crossings ever, more than 2,200 illegally made their way into the country at the Eagle Pass, Texas, port of entry. Stunningly, Carter says, the mainstream media remains silent on the story. Here’s more.

Pfizer’s Blood Contract

In the the aftermath of Covid-19’s social and economic disaster for many countries, more of Pfizer’s rigged contracts with the world’s governments have surfaced, revealing they took advantage and profited from the pandemic’s widespread panic.

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Judy Mikovits to the podcast to discuss the revelation–specifically the Pfizer-South Africa connection–and how they both knew the vaccine was potentially unsafe.

Secret Of How Masks Work

“Mask up” was the battle cry of world puppet masters through the Covid-19 pandemic. Mask shaming was in fashion on social media, but the truth is, it was never about keeping people safe and it goes deeper than you think.

Dr. Jerome Corsi, host of The Truth Central,¬†delves into the dirty secret of how masks really work (:09:58 of video) and also breaks down the Democrat Party’s marching orders to the media over Joe Biden’s impending impeachment, the coming eco-terrorism and Ukraine’s attack on Russia’s navy port at Sevastopol.

Buckle Up And Fly Right!

Trump owns the stage. The fight is real. The time is now.

The mainstream media panics. Lauren Boebert caught on tape. Doubles, Cali. Pray! Here’s more from And We Know.

Time For Paxton To Get Busy

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was acquitted of 16 charges in his state impeachment trial, a bitter defeat for the Deep State.

Dan Radiostyle reports that the tables are now turned and it’s time for Paxton to get extra busy. “It’s a bad day to be a Deep State piece of crud,” he says. Radiostyle gets into the juicy details, plus also discusses Dan Scavino’s meme on “don’t trust everything you see,” Russell Brand’s mainstream median rant and the Biden Administration’s shaky investments in China, and more.


Has Media Turned On Biden?

Is the fake news ready to turn against Joe Biden? Should we even believe anything they say, given how many blatant lies these so-called journalists have slung in recent years?

It’s quite obvious they are an attack and propaganda wing of the leftists. They have little to do with the truth. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Wikipedia Run By The CIA!

Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent news of Wikipedia co-founder Lawrence Mark Sanger exposing Wikipedia for being infiltrated by the intelligence community, namely the CIA. Intelligence agencies have been manipulating Wikipedia articles since as early as 2006 and continue to this day alongside groups like the Anti-Defamation League.

Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr have also recently called out the mainstream media for being infiltrated by the CIA. Of course, we all know of Operation Mockingbird but the monolithic, real-time revisionism of history continues in the media to this day, likely now more than ever. Tucker Carlson claimed recently on Adam Carrola’s podcast that he’s personally seen the CIA attempting to manipulate stories at major mainstream media stations.

In this video, we break down how the intelligence agencies are engineering information to commit information warfare.Here’s more from World Alternative Media.

Hunter Biden Indictment Nears!

A new, more substantial lawsuit has been filed in Colorado to stop Trump from appearing on the 2024 election ballot. Rep. Adam Schiff supports the removal but Trump’s lawyer Lindsey Halligan says she is not worried. Meanwhile, we learn Biden’s poll numbers continue to collapse. Are they planning a Biden exit?

The Department of Justice announces in a new filing that Hunter Biden will be indicted by the end of the month. Now that David Weiss has been granted Special Counsel authority, what can we expect? We review the filings in Judge Maryellen Noreika’s courtroom.

Reps. Jim Jordan, Chris Smith and James Comer send a letter to Hunter Biden’s lawyers demanding answers about leaks to the media. What did Hunter’s lawyers get access to during their representation of Hunter, and what did they leak to the media? Congress wants to know more. We review the letter sent to Hunter’s lawyers and hear reaction from Comer, Jordan and Matt Gaetz. Is there enough for a Biden impeachment? Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

Lover Blows Obama’s Cover!

A taboo chapter in the life of Barack Obama that has been in and out of public perception since 1999 in Chicago, has again resurfaced on perhaps its biggest platform to date.

In a bombshell exclusive interview with “Tucker on X” and host Tucker Carlson, Larry Sinclair blows the cover off of Obama’s sexual transgressions, alleging he had a night of crack cocaine-fueled sex with Barack Obama and that Obama came back for more the next day. While the rendezvous occurred when Obama was a member of the Illinois State House, the story didn’t get national coverage until it resurfaced during the 2008 campaign.

Carlson says when the mainstream media became aware of the story, they were warned that if they ran with it, they would lose access to Obama’s Presidential campaign. So, instead, the media attacked Sinclair as a liar and called the story absurd. Carlson said Sinclair voiced his claims at the National Press Club in Washington, signed a sworn affidavit and took a lie detector test but was dismissed by Obama shills.

“But the claims weren’t absurd,” Carlson said. “We’re not claiming they’re true, but they were certainly credible. This was a first-hand account of Barack Obama’s behavior by someone who signed a sworn affidavit.” Here’s the interview.

Obama’s Gay Sex, Drugs

In video obtained from Lion Media, Tucker Carlson tells “The Adam Corolla Show” how the media covered up for Barack Obama’s transgressions in 2008, including having sex with men and smoking crack.

Carlson, whose non-disclosure deal with Fox is over, says the Obama revelation surfaced in 2008, when Larry Sinclair agreed to testify under a polygraph test that he had sex with Obama. Says Carlson, “Nobody reported it, not because they were squeamish about sex or drugs, but because the Obama campaign said anyone who reports on this gets no access to the Obama campaign.”

Carlson said Sinclair actually came forward and signed an affidavit and took a lie detector test. “It’s clearly true,” he says. Carlson said he plans to interview Sinclair in the near future. Here’s more.

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