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Drug Firms, Media: Don’t Ask

Of course, drug companies don’t fund the media! Stop asking! More from AwakenwithJP in a new episode of We Lie To You News.

The [Deep State] Poked A Bear

Trump and the patriots are ready for the next phase: The control of information. Trump and the patriots have been working on a system that will rival Twitter, YouTube, Facebook,  etc. These [Deep State] platforms will no longer have the control over information. The fake news will no longer be able to spin the truth without the support of social media. The truth-telling platform will change all of this. The [Deep State] poked a bear and now it’s roaring. Buckle up. It’s going to be glorious. The best is yet to come. More from the X22 Report.

They want us gone yet we hold the line. Many leave their jobs. Trust in God! Pray! More from And We Know.

The Media Is Gaslighting You

Bari Weiss, a former editor at The New York Times, once wrote that despite the mainstream media’s attempt to gaslight millions of politically independent Americans, they know the narrative to be untrue and feel the world has gone mad.

In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, she says the problem lies with mainstream institutions, such as the media, who engage in a form of internal censorship. “It would be delusional to claim otherwise, that touching your finger to an increasing number of subjects that have been deemed third rail by the mainstream institutions and, increasingly by some of the tech companies, would lead to reputational damage.”

Kari Lake, former TV news journalist in Phoenix, tells PragerU she sees the problem as manipulation by the media, whether intentional or not. She adds it’s gotten to the point where the media now labels fair journalism “right wing.” Here’s more of the story from PragerU.

Vegas Disaster: Still No Answers

Four years after the Las Vegas massacre near the Mandalay Bay Hotel on the south end of The Strip, there are still no answers. Terrence Popp’s Redonkulas channel takes a closer look at the disaster, which was fraught with cover-ups, misinformation and deception.

Says co-host Blake Kleiner, “This is the largest mass shooting in American history, which is now four years old, and we still don’t know what happened, why, who all was involved and the media doesn’t seem to care.” The official narrative points to a lone gunman, then 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, who was holed up on the 32nd floor of the hotel and fired on a concert crowd across the street, killing 59. He later allegedly committed suicide.

Redonkulas presents seemingly incontrovertible video/audio evidence pointing to more than one shooter. Popp, who has experience with high-caliber weapons, immediately identifies 30-caliber and 556-caliber fire in an audio clip captured by a hotel guest. A separate video analysis reveals there was a long-distance shooter–presumably located in the hotel–at 425 to 475 yards and another at closer range, about 250 to 275 yards.

Perhaps the most glaring cover-up by the media was how it totally ignored testimony from an FBI whistleblower, who said agents were told to disregard evidence in the shooting, including an ISIS terror link. A report the year following the massacre says when FBI top brass were provided forensic evidence of multiple shooters, they told agents to concentrate on Paddock only. And the lies go on and on. Here’s more from Redonkulas.


Brainwashed By The Media

What would it be like if you stopped thinking for yourself and believed everything the media tells you? Here’s what it might look like to be completely brainwashed by the news. More from AwakenwithJP.

Biden Family Corruption Mounts

Appearing on Blaze TV, with host Glenn Beck, Peter Schweizer says he’s searched through 30,000-plus  emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop and has made some shocking finds. Yet, the corporate media refuses to cover the Biden Crime Family corruption, even as the evidence continues to mount.

One of the nuggets in his search, says Schweizer, is Biden still holds 10 percent interest in a Chinese government firm that he promised to divest himself from. He says Biden’s stake in the company is at a minimum $20 million. “Based on the evidence we’re finding, this is not the only existing deal Biden has with China. There are others,” Schweizer says. “And for the life of me, the fact that the media is not really pursuing this story is shocking.”

Schweizer says one of the things the emails confirm is Joe Biden is very much a part of the deal with Hunter because of their intermingled finances. He says the emails detail how Hunter paid many of then Vice-President Biden’s bills and for renovations of his Delaware home. One email confirmed a strange transaction regarding a Ford Raptor truck. “The point is, Joe Biden is a direct beneficiary of these financial deals.” Schweizer breaks down more of his findings with Glenn Beck.

Feds Weaponize School Boards

Parents have finally had enough. They do not accept critical race theory nor the chicanery being pushed by the dirty Democrats. So now, the Feds and their mouthpieces in the mainstream media have begun calling parents “domestic terrorists.” Not cool, lamo Leftists. More from Mark Dice.

Dems Importing New Voters

It turns out the reports last week that the massive influx of Haitians at our southern border was resolved and a majority of them were flown back to their homeland was absolutely fake news.

California Rep. Devin Nunes tells investigative reporter Sara Carter that the majority–if not all–the immigrants are in the United States. “Nobody knows where the hell they’re at and it’s totally unacceptable,” Nunes says. “My estimation is that we’re going to let 3 million people into this country this year. It’s completely out of control.” He added it’s clear the Democrats are buying votes that will affect elections 10 to 15 years down the line. Here are more of Nunes’ thoughts on the Carter podcast.

Demolition Of Global Economy

This week on the New World Next Week: The mainstream media starts pimping DNA vaccines; Canada’s propaganda war on Canadians instensifies; and the controlled demolition of the global economy manifests in suspicious shortages. More from The Corbett Report and Media Monarchy.

British Press Calls 2020 Fraud

The American mainstream media might all be a bunch of Leftist cllowns, but the British press remains more divided, and hence, a bit more credible. Some British journalists have now joined former President Donald Trump in calling out the 2020 election, saying it was all fixed and rigged, a grandiose fraud. Here’s more from Steve Turley, using the Arizona audit to showcase the extent of the election fraud..

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