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YouTube Drops New Rules

YouTube has dropped its new rules and already begun to ban creators or issue strikes What’s clear is the new rules don’t matter at all. YouTube has made them amorphous enough they can be interpreted any way the platform wants. That’s because Google/YouTube doesn’t support free speech or want an open platform.

They just want to get rid of all the riffraff and turn YouTube into a more premium conformist platform, like Apple has. Our opinion: They are committing hari-kari. This is a company that’s been losing money and better get used to that. Its vindictive Leftist leadership will drive YouTube and Google into the ground.

Good thing we already use Bitchute for our daily viewing. We’ll soon be using Bitchute videos here as well, but WordPress does not make that easy to do. They are too beholden to YouTube and the nasty Skank Squad. More from Tim Pool.

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