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Evie’s Crib Pizzagate Bombshell

Random Rants of Ryan goes back in time to Pizzagate and explores a hidden link that seems to verify the criminality under way. If so, could this lead to a new review of the old Pizzagate allegations — ones that have never been properly investigated? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, George Webb is tracking the network of Jeffrey Epstein’s Saudi princes and pilots. These are the fellows involved in the recent dustup in Pensacola. The same network might well have taken part in 9-11. In other words, if we are training these men as pilots, for what reason? Drug running, perhaps? Control of vital energy resources? Are they flying weapons or stealing children? The mind races.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: YouTube ordered this video removed and censored. Please visit Brighteon, The Natural News video platform, to review the original work.)

In this followup, George Webb canvasses Awan businesses in Florida and draws their connections and ties to Epstein flight schools.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Again, YouTube has censored this video. Visit Brighteon to watch the original work.)




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