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Detroit Evergreen

Sir Patrick Mack takes a look at a house explosion in Detroit, possibly a gas explosion. The explosion occurred right across the street from the Detroit Housing Commission. Interesting enough, another house explosion took place along the same street — Evergreen — in 2018.

What does it mean? Could it have anything to do with the discovery of fetuses and the remains of infants at Detroit funeral homes? In Pursuit of Truth dives right in, covering this mystery in a wide-ranging video that that also gets into the changing days in Iraq and Iran.

A new economy is on the horizon. The [Deep State] is now pushing Iran. Iran is now making threats just like North Korea. Logical thinking, Iran knows now that Trump and the patriots will not negotiate and will not just add sanctions if a US target is hit. The force used on Iran will be disproportionate. Trump made this perfectly clear when he targeted Qasem Soleimani. Trump and the patriots are in the process of exposing the scam in Iran. The Mainstream media and [Deep State] players are all implicated in the scam. More from the X22 Report.

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Police in Australia have rounded up some 200 people charged with setting off the fires that have been ravaging that nation. Gervais savaged Hollywood, while Harvey Weinstein got some bad news, receiving four more charges of sexual assault. What’s the deal with Project Looking Glass. Can we go forward to see the past as well as the future? Much, more more in an action-packed RedPill78.

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JustInformed Talk takes a deep dive to expose the hoaxes the Democrats have been committing and how they have duped Americans for decades. One hoax after can Nancy Pelosi look herself in the mirror? Start telling the truth,  or get off the stage!

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