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Masters Of Ancient Iraq

Throughout the ancient history of Iraq, very little information is available surrounding the Sumerian Civilization. In fact, no one really knows where these people came from. What is known is that they had incredible building techniques and their knowledge was vast and seemingly far in advance than any other civilizations of that time. What secrets lie within their writings and how did they become so clever? More from the Zohar Entertainment Group.

U.S. Soldier Suicides Suspicious

Three American soldiers, key to our entire presence in Afghanistan, were suicided days before Pentagon officials testified on the botched withdrawal from Kabul. The soldiers were members of the 10th Mountain Division, employed mainly to Iraq and Afghanistan following the 9/11 attacks.

“They were all from Fort Drum (New York) and were all suicided within 48 hours of each other,” Riss Flex reports. “Did they know a thing or two about some of the lies that these people were stealing during this testimony? Clearly there were some lies going on.” Flex says perhaps the most stunning lie came from Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who blamed President Trump for the debacle. “What is their Satanic agenda?” Flex asks.

In another shocker, CNN is calling the tragic Fawn Fire, in the Shasta Lake region of northern California, a wildfire, though it was confirmed by officials to be a case of arson weeks later. Similarly, a blaze in the Lake Tahoe area was also deemed a wildfire on Sept. 3, although law enforcement had already arrested a woman for arson in August. More details on all three stories from Flex.

Patriot Militias Surging

Patriot militias are experiencing growth across the United States. More than 500 such militias now exist, working in cooperation with law enforcement officials to protect businesses and homes from rioting Leftists, whether they are Antifa goons or thugs aligned with Black Lives Matter.

These militias first emerged from the populism of the Tea Party Movement, but now they have become defenders of faith, family and freedom.

Many are ex-members of law enforcement agencies or veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Leftist mainstream media might dismiss these militias, charging they are white supremacists, vigilantes or racists. The truth is far different.

Here, Steve Turley explores the movement, and predicts we will see continued growth of militias like the Oath Keepers, especially if the Democrats keep trying to defund the police. Americans refuse to be harassed or buried by Leftists, or have their homes robbed and burnt to the ground.

It’s About Exposing the Bad Guys

The combatants on the dark side, who have been pumping out lie after lie, are in for a great awakening. Case in point are the shenanigans in Iraq, Russia and China, all part of the Deep State’s blueprint to control the world. Meanwhile, the white hats are sitting back and enjoying the show.

Says Charlie Ward, “It leads right into a financial collapse. This is all part of the plan. This is about exposing the lot of them … Biden will be exposed as the one who collapsed the economy, having taken it over in pretty good shape. This is all part of the pantomime. This has all been preplanned.”

In the following segment of The Charlie Ward Show, Ward is joined by fellow podcaster Ann Vandersteel to further discuss the strategy and logistics of the Great Awakening. They also dissect a stunning revelation from the San Bernardino, Calif., shooting, the government’s recent release of UFO files and the consequences of the Arizona forensic audit and subsequent audits scheduled across the country.

Bidens’ Corruption Spelled Out

Hunter and Joe Biden made at least $35 million to $40 million off their crooked deals with governments and businesses in China, Iraq, Russia and Ukraine. That’s the conclusion of Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney. Guiliani says the amount of corruption and bribes paid was likely much higher.

He explains he is still working with law enforcement and federal legal agents to decode encrypted messages found on the abandoned Hunter Biden laptops. These law enforcement agents are still discovering more pertinent files and sorting through them and figuring out what they mean.

They have yet to examine emails pertaining to other locations, like Romania and Kazakhstan, so the full amount of the corruption could be considerably higher when everything has been deciphered. Giuliani explains the ongoing process in a TV appearance on the Fox Business Network with Kennedy.

Note Kennedy’s biased and antagonistic reporting. Increasingly, we are seeing signs that both Fox News and the Fox Business Network are turning rancid. Neither is what they used to be. Both need to be scrutinized carefully anymore. They aren’t as far Left yet as CNN and MSNBC, but what they are doing is just as traitorous.

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Styxhexenhammer666 delves into the Bobulinski Bombshell. Who is Tony Bobulinski? A Navy veteran who previously had been partnered with the Biden crime family. Bobulinski outlined how Joe Biden profited from Hunter Biden’s dealings. With few exceptions, the corrupt mainstream media has remained silent on the allegations. We will give credit to Fox, though, and Tucker Carlson, for at least doing an interview with Bobulinski.


The Biden Crime Family, Part 2

Joe Biden is running for President of the United States, he should be in prison. Joe is the head of a crime family that has become wealthy selling Joe’s political influence to whoever is willing to buy in Iraq, Ukraine, Russia, and as you will see in Part 2 of this expose, focusing on CHINA. More from the SGTReport.

Lude Media, the Chinese dissident group that has been disclosing Hunter and Joe Biden’s corrupt Chinese deals, says hundreds more hard drives will be released. These will show not only worldwide corruption by the Bidens, but also bribes and deals worked by politicians all over the world, in Great Britain, France and elsewhere.  In other words, the world is not at all what it ever appeared to be.

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Here, investigative journalist Matthew Tyrmand appears on OAN with Jack Posobiec. Tyrmand explains how he received the Rosemont Seneca emails concerning Hunter Biden’s dealings with Russia, China, Iraq and Kazahkstan.

There are more than 20,000 emails, so it’s going to take some time to sort through them and report all of the findings. But it’s apparent Rosemont Seneca was accepting large sums of money from foreign investors wishing to invest in US markets.

Some of these investors wanted to influence American politicians so bribery fees might well be involved. Other investors could have been barred from investing in the US, but Rosemont Seneca worked to get them cleared.

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Tyrmand has been working in collaboration with Peter Schweizer, author of the book Profiles in Corruption. Here, Schweizer shares some of his research with Glenn Beck. When Bevan Cooney — the recently flipped business partner to Hunter Biden and Devon Archer — went to jail in 2019, Schweizer thought he’d never gain access to the damning emails Cooney once promised. That all changed three weeks ago when Schweizer was given complete access to Cooney’s Gmail account.

He describes to Glenn just SOME of the business deals described within these emails — like Hunter working with an alleged Russian criminal AND with Chinese communists to secure their assets OR to secure one-on-one time with his dad, Joe. The worst part for the Dems is that these emails aren’t printouts or copies…they come straight from Cooney’s email account. So, what new lie will the left concoct to explain THIS?

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Bevan Cooney was removed yesterday from the Oregon federal facility, where he had been jailed. It seems likely he was placed in the witness protection program, but no one has of yet confirmed what happened to him.)

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Psyops Against Americans

Whistleblower, Iraq veteran & top security military systems contractor Patrick Bergy joins the program to explain the shadowy world of cyber warfare and military psyops. Bergy has significant experience in above top-secret military operations in Iraq, Urkraine and in social media psyops. He explains the purpose of Shadownet and the corrupt repurposing of taxpayer military weapons for commercial use and profit by highly connected current and past government officials, including the very same names that are present over and over in the Russian collusion and impeachment inquiries. See more of Patrick Bergy on his website at More from Sarah Westall.

Here are both videos in the two-part series.

Strictly Coincidental

In Pursuit of Truth provides us with an update on the military confrontation between the United States and Iran. It appears that Iran has bombed a few US military bases in Iraq, but those bases had been abandoned, so casualties were nil to slim. Still, the US Air Force mounted a 52-plane exercise over Utah, an event described as “strictly coincidental” but obviously meant to display our firepower. Meanwhile, has there been another attempt or threat against the president at his Mar-A-Largo Resort?

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/Iran launched an attack on US bases in Iraq. No targets were hit, no casualties. Was this really a strike? No, Iran notified Iraq and through backchannels the US, this was about starting peace talks. The [DS]/MSM push to start a war has failed. While all of this was occurring a Ukranian airliner allegedly crashed. Coincidence? The patriots are in control. The [DS]/MSM is now panicking. They have lost control of the Russian collusion story, fake impeachment, Syria, Iran and everything else. The patriots are coming for them and they have nowhere to hide. More from the X22 Report.

McAllister TV will soon begin uploading videos directly to Bitchute to avoid the harsh censorship practiced by the Leftists at YouTube. Here, she discusses what’s happening in Iran, as well as the ongoing corporate resignations that occurred in December. There also were some creepy deaths during the month. Panic!

TruReporting has unearthed a great clip where a 29-year-old Joe Biden talks about corruption and how he must approach the Big donors to run for Senate, even for such a small state as Delaware. Otherwise, many of the current bases are covered here: Iran, the Australian arson fires and the hanging, phony charges against Gen. Michael Flynn.

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A war is brewing between Good vs. Evil, Truth vs. Lies. It’s time to pick a side. More from Lori Colley.

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War With Iran Averted

No lives — either American nor Iraqi — were lost in Iraq’s attacks against U.S. military bases in Iran. President Donald Trump addressed the nation in the aftermath of the attacks and said war has been averted. Seemingly a war had been brewing, but the death of General Qasem Soleimani left Iran in a position where they could not continue to berate us, only to wag the dog.

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Styxhexenhammer666 takes stock of Trump’s comments. Styx believes Trump did exactly as the public wanted: Maintain a hard line against Iran, but avoid getting into an armed conflict with that rogue nation. Trump announced he would not go to war, but would tighten the sanctions against Iran.

Has war with Iran been averted? Mark Dice says that’s a possibility, never mind the ranting and raving of the Leftist mainstream media.

Tucker Carlson says we might have escaped a war, but we should not press our luck. It’s time, after 17 years, to leave Iraq. It’s time the thousands of US troops returned home. More from Fox News.

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Iran is reeling under the pressure from a recession. Inflation has hit 40 percent and unemployment has reached 30 percent. President Donald Trump is wisely choosing not to intervene, but rather, to let the foul Iranian regime stew in its own fetid broth. More from H.A. Goodman.

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Detroit Evergreen

Sir Patrick Mack takes a look at a house explosion in Detroit, possibly a gas explosion. The explosion occurred right across the street from the Detroit Housing Commission. Interesting enough, another house explosion took place along the same street — Evergreen — in 2018.

What does it mean? Could it have anything to do with the discovery of fetuses and the remains of infants at Detroit funeral homes? In Pursuit of Truth dives right in, covering this mystery in a wide-ranging video that that also gets into the changing days in Iraq and Iran.

A new economy is on the horizon. The [Deep State] is now pushing Iran. Iran is now making threats just like North Korea. Logical thinking, Iran knows now that Trump and the patriots will not negotiate and will not just add sanctions if a US target is hit. The force used on Iran will be disproportionate. Trump made this perfectly clear when he targeted Qasem Soleimani. Trump and the patriots are in the process of exposing the scam in Iran. The Mainstream media and [Deep State] players are all implicated in the scam. More from the X22 Report.

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Police in Australia have rounded up some 200 people charged with setting off the fires that have been ravaging that nation. Gervais savaged Hollywood, while Harvey Weinstein got some bad news, receiving four more charges of sexual assault. What’s the deal with Project Looking Glass. Can we go forward to see the past as well as the future? Much, more more in an action-packed RedPill78.

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JustInformed Talk takes a deep dive to expose the hoaxes the Democrats have been committing and how they have duped Americans for decades. One hoax after can Nancy Pelosi look herself in the mirror? Start telling the truth,  or get off the stage!

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