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Now It’s The Patriots’ Turn

The [Deep State] has now pushed their agenda forward in regards to the fake impeachment. The patriots have the [DS] /Democrats exactly where they want them. The Senate was the key. It is now the patriots’ turn. Attorney Sidney Powell has now rescinded Michael Flynn’s guilty plea. Everything is about to change. She wants a 30-day continuance, which brings us to Feb 27. Trump during his rally mentions [Loretta Lynch] and the tarmac. He did this on purpose. It all about to be exposed.  More from the X22 Report.

US Rep. Devin Nunes says he was made aware as early as 2018 that Michael Flynn didn’t lie to the Department of Justice. Michael Avenatti has been arrested by IRS agents. What’s with the phony reporting of Ellen Nakashima, national security reporter with the Washington Post? Is TruReporting in trouble? Looks like TruReporting has been given a 2nd strike from YouTube and cannot produce a new video for 90 days. We present the channel’s last video below. More from RedPill78.

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TruReporting examines documents produced from the 1960s through the 1990s that appear to show the cabal’s plans to establish a New World Order. These documents were in the possession of Serge Monast, a French-Canadian journalist who died from a mysterious heart attack while investigating this phenomenon. This is quite fascinating, but a bit murky around the edges — so at this point, must be taken with a grain of salt. This video is entitled The Thread of All Threads: This Must be Shared and Understood!! :coded:.

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In Pursuit of Truth returns to explore the recent bizarre house explosions in Detroit after opening with a look at the restructuring of the Russian government. This video, called Pit Bullish, delves more deeply into the rescue of three dogs found at the house. The explosion sent five people into the hospital with serious burns. The story underscores various explosions that have a few points in common, chief among them, a possible connection to human trafficking.


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