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Sweet Virginia

In Pursuit of Truth drops by Virginia, run by the Democratic Gov. Ralph  Northam. Hard to believe a state that produced such stunning Americans as Thomas Jefferson and George Washington has also given us a lying, conniving Liberal dullard like Northam.

Here, IPOT takes a look at Northam’s blatant attempts to besmirch our 2nd Amendment  by unleashing a cloud of  CIA-festered violence. Of course, any time in our nation’s history when we’ve seen lots of violent racism, the Democrats have pretty much always been the culprits. No different nowadays than it was in the past.

The Democrats must know that Trump is going to walk away with this election… so they need another fake narrative that they can play over and over right up till voters go to the polls. They would also love a reason to do another round of mass deplatformings. The last time they did this it was after an event in Charlottesville, Virginia. This latest pro 2A Virginia thing scheduled for Jan 20 is shaping up to be used to create another false event to give them the reasons they need to do it all over again.

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