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Guns Prevent Tyranny

ANYONE who understands the Second Amendment knows it’s not really about guns. It’s about ensuring freedom and protecting yourself from tyranny. And you’d better believe that’s important. More from the rapper Ice-T and PragerU.

JFK: A Conservative Today?

President John F. Kennedy lowered taxes, opposed abortion, supported gun rights and believed in a strong military. A strong, conservative Republican, right? Not quite. JFK was the darling of the Democrat Party in the early 1960s, though the party was a lot more moderate than today’s looney tunes.

Fast forward to 2021 and PragerU’s Will Witt asks, “Would JFK be a conservative today? In the years since the JFK Administration, the Left has become much more radical and, although many people look up to JFK for his liberal causes, a closer look at his policies paints a different picture. Kennedy was a lifelong NRA member and strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and he believed that a well-equipped military was the answer, as demonstrated in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Today, the Left supports abortion, even up to nine months. Kennedy would have never approved of that. In the following presentation, Witt digs deeper into JFK’s policies and comes to the conclusion that our 35th President just might have moved to the other side of the aisle.

Democrats Push Gun Grab

Democrats are laughing at the National Rifle Association. These Leftist loonies want to take our guns away. More from Ovation Eddie.

What If Police Are Defunded?

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Dana Loesch (Author, Grace Canceled) about liberty, freedom and civil disobedience in a time of lockdown, riots, and civil unrest. Dana discusses the riots and protests in response to police brutality and the involvement of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. She also discusses how some Americans are rethinking their feelings on guns and gun control when they hear more extreme policies like defunding the police gaining more traction.

Dana also discusses how people like Keith Ellison and others have helped normalize violence and how extreme elements have taken over the Democratic party. Dana discusses how there is a new wave of first time gun owners, a lot of whom are women. Finally Dana offers her advice for how people new to guns should proceed and recommends some of her favorite models.

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We doubt this defund the police movement will get very far. Why? Crime rates are already going through the roof. Crime is surging — a consequence of rewarding so many bad actors. The pendulum can never swing so far, so fast.  We expect voters to swing toward the right — and a call to be made for increased law and order. More from Vincent James at The Red Elephants.

The Defunding Freakout

Following widespread protests, progressive Democrats seized upon the fervor and called for disbanding, defunding, or even outright abolishing the police. Somehow Democrats managed to turn an advantage into a disadvantage that Republicans have immediately used in their favor.

While most people do believe in some kind of police reform, almost no one wants to see the police be totally abolished. That is a ridiculous proposal.

But right now, Trump is falling in the polls, betting odds have begun to favor Biden, so why would Democrats offer up such a lovely gift? If any group of people wants to see Democrats openly embrace “abolish the police” as a campaign promise, it would be Trump supporters who know that regular Americans are freaking out, jumping on 2A, and looking for law and order. More from Tim Pool.

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Activists are picking up momentum with calls to defund police departments across the country. But the problem isn’t just police departments. It’s the cities and municipalities that use police departments as a source of revenue in order to make budgets. More from Ben Swann.

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Trump Takes Control

President Donald Trump addressed the nation promising to stop the riots, arson and looting. He also promised to crack down on Antifa, which is a domestic terrorist organization. More from Ramzpaul.

Styxhexenhammer666 underscores how the legacy media can take much of the blame for the riots. The media calls these violent and wanton looters “protestors” rather than calling them out for what they actually are: Thugs. They have not only robbed stores, but burnt churches and beat up private citizens, as well as murdered cops.

At least Styyx calls for expansion of the 2nd Amendment and elimination of the gun controls pushed by Leftists. And those of you tired of seeing our civilization destroyed by these goons, don’t just complain: Be sure to vote in 2020. Strip every Democrat office holder of their power. Kick them to the curb and put them out on the streets of their ugly cities!

Michigan Protests Get Wilder

The Michigan state government has temporarily shut down in order to avoid armed protesters. Could it be an armed Pikachu? More from The Liberty Doll.

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Drive-Through Gun Shops

In a surprise move, the ATF approves drive-through gun shops during the coronavirus pandemic. More from the Liberty Doll.

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2A Under Attack

The Liberty Doll discusses how the Left is using the coronavirus to attack the 2nd Amendment. Of course, the Left uses anything and everything to attack the Second Amendment!

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Pedogate Busts Gaining Steam

About 30 suspected pedophiles have been busted in recent arrests, including a police officer in North Carolina and a college dean in Georgia. Random Rants from Ryan offers the details.

E-girls are steaming angry and losing their minds. Why? Because virtual anime camgirl Projekt Melody has been introduced and is now trending as the No. 1 camgirl on Chaturbate. More from Mr, Obvious.

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Jamie Dlux calls this video Pawns in the World Game. It’s a look at how the Communists and their allies, like the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, are putting the pincers on the middle class, trying to squeeze us out of existence and strip away our rights, our freedoms and our guns.

Random Rants of Ryan returns with a second report detailing the child abuse committed by longtime New York police officer Mike Valva and his fiancee Angela Pollina. They abused and tortured children, including Valva’s own eight-year-old son Tommy Valva, who died of hypothermia. He was forced to sleep through the winter on the concrete floor of his garage, held captive begging for food. His father and the fiancee sold streaming video of their torture sessions, clearing as much as $100,000 per month.

Finally, we close with a report on the indictment Tuesday on federal charges against Lawrence Ray, the father of a former Sarah Lawrence College student. He is accused of brainwashing his daughter’s roommates and forming a criminal sex cult. He faces charges including sex trafficking. CBS2’s Ali Bauman reports.

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