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Kissinger Issues A Warning

Henry Kissinger has penned a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, warning that the American response to the coronavirus could spell the “end of the liberal world order.” You got that right, Mr. Kissinger. We mean to end your world order! None of us want to see the world come under the control of your ugly and lying world leaders. You know, those “liberals” who prey upon children and murder to satisfy their craving for adrenochrome. Kissinger, Bill Gates, the Queen of England, the Pope. It’s high time their World Order ended. More from We Are Change.

Meanwhile, Anonymous has issued a warning to Bill Gates to cease with his high-handed push for draconian pandemic measures. Is he acting as a savior for humankind or just pushing vaccines? Isn’t his goal to make more money and control everyday people, especially any who point him out as a villain in disguise?


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