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Facemasks Contain Asbestos

Disposable facemasks, which gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, have been determined to contain a toxic asbestos-like substance that destroys the lungs. The warning was issued by Health Canada, which found that both blue and gray facemasks contain the substance that can lead to early pulmonary toxicity.

The masks were made in China and distributed by a Quebec company. Says Martin Brodel, “Can you imagine how many Chinese are using those as well. What a great way to reduce your population. Good grief!” Brodel gives us more details on the find, plus he also reports on the Mideast crisis, Dr. Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus pandemic, the greed of the Rothschilds and Henry Kissinger, and the many governors and mayors and their ridiculous mask mandates.

Depopulation Through Vaccines

While the talk of depopulation via vaccines is unnerving nowadays, it’s nothing new to the globalists, who have barked this narrative for decades. Think Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Prince Phillip and the notorious Jacques Attali, who actually called for a pandemic to reduce the population.

Attali, an advisor to the French government for the last four decades, was quoted in a 1981 interview of saying, “In the future it will be a question of finding a way to reduce the population. We will start with the old, because as soon as he exceeds 60 to 65 years, man lives longer than he produces.” Of course, Attali and his minions have fervently denied the quote, saying what he really said was lost in the French translation.

In the same interview, Attali called for finding a cause, such as a virus, that will affect the old and the weak. They will succumb to it, he says, and ask for a treatment. Fast forward to 2020-21 and the narrative sounds very familiar. Alex Jones gives us more details in the following segment of InfoWars.

Fall Of The Cabal: Part 6

About Henry Kissinger, Population Policy, the United Nation and its many Non-governmental organiations, the UN Population Fund, Population Control, forced abortions & sterilizations, and Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger. More from Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter.

Kissinger Wants Back In

Henry Kissinger is back and he wants to dictate U.S. China policy, just in time for Cold War II. As the U.S. Presidential election lumbers toward an eventual conclusion, the world is wondering how Joe Biden’s China relations would differ from President Trump’s, with his team of China hawks, such as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Kissinger, on the other hand, is responsible for decades of failed U.S. policy with China.  Will he be able to find a willing audience? Tune in for more on this pressing issue in this episode of China Uncensored.

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The Beast System And Covid-19

A SGTreport.TV exclusive interview with Catherine Austin Fitts & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny about Covid-19 and the Beast system to come Thanks for tuning in! I’m making this public now because it’s simply too important to keep as a members-only exclusive.

Rediscover your freedom of speech with Skrewem! More from In Pursuit of Truth.

In Jordan Sather’s latest Destroying the Illusion video, he discusses President Donald Trump firing Henry Kissinger. Also, what can we make of Dominion Voting System’s dumb response to Sidney Powell’s corruption lawsuit. In addition, Sather gets into President Trump’s proposal to remove Section 230 protections for social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, engaged in blatant censorship against conservatives and Christians.

China Missiles Hit Target Ship

China may have successfully sunk a target ship during a missile launch in the South China Sea. If the reports of the incident are true, the U.S. military may be changing its operational calculations.

Last August, China launched a barrage of medium-range missiles into the South China Sea in retaliation for a U.S. Naval spy plane that flew over a China Naval drill just days before. It was originally thought that the missiles hit water, but according to a People’s Liberation Army insider in China, the missiles may actually have hit a target ship. If that’s true, it’s the first time China has demonstrated that its anti-ship missiles can hit their target. Of course, the mysterious report has a lot of holes in it. We still don’t know how many missiles were fired, whether the ship was moving or how fast and whether we can believe the PLA source who said this happened.

China Uncensored’s Chris Chappell fleshes out the details, plus discusses how President Trump wants to ban investment in companies linked to the Chinese military, the Great Reset if Joe Biden is declared the winner and the return of Henry Kissinger, who wants our country to cooperate with China.

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United Invasion

Listen as Barack Obama, Henry Kissinger, George Soros all tout our need for a New World Order. What role will the United Nations play in trying to bring about such a one-world government? Would they invade the United States and, if so, under what kinds of circumstances? More from Jamie Dlux.

Kissinger Slammed By Bannon

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist for President Donald Trump, lashes out at Henry Kissinger, saying he and his Davos accomplices are all in league with the dictatorial Communist Party in China. Bannon says it’s Kissinger and his ilk who drove the United States down a path of subservience. They should be put on trial, he believes.

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As Basil Brush always put it, “Boom, Boom!”

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Kissinger Issues A Warning

Henry Kissinger has penned a Wall Street Journal opinion piece, warning that the American response to the coronavirus could spell the “end of the liberal world order.” You got that right, Mr. Kissinger. We mean to end your world order! None of us want to see the world come under the control of your ugly and lying world leaders. You know, those “liberals” who prey upon children and murder to satisfy their craving for adrenochrome. Kissinger, Bill Gates, the Queen of England, the Pope. It’s high time their World Order ended. More from We Are Change.

Meanwhile, Anonymous has issued a warning to Bill Gates to cease with his high-handed push for draconian pandemic measures. Is he acting as a savior for humankind or just pushing vaccines? Isn’t his goal to make more money and control everyday people, especially any who point him out as a villain in disguise?


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