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Democrats Use, Abuse Blacks

Riis Flex explores the many ways the derelict Democratic Party uses — and abuses — black voters. These are all old routines, well honed over the decades.

Also, she gets into the Buffalo man who ran a big scam to make it appear he was harassed by cops. This man, Martin Gugino, is a joker with a long tract record of tangling with the cops. He has now deleted his entire social media to hide the malarkey he has done. Fortunately, Riis downloaded much of it before Gugino could hide the goods. Sorry, big boy! You pull the stunts, sooner or later you are caught and exposed!

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What tricks will the Democrats use next to foment violence and riots? Here, Newsbud’s Sibel Edmonds cites intelligence sources indicating there could be false flag events soon focusing on Hispanics and Muslims. It’s not clear when those events might happen, or where and how they will unfold. But the object is to expand the scope of the riots by adding new fronts and different minorities and conflicts.

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