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10 Days That Shook The World

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are doing everything they can to stop the patriots, but it will not work. Trump and the patriots are ready to fire the next missile. This will last for 10 days. Information will be presented to the public from now until the elections. The [DS]/MSM will use what they have left to counter all of this. Be prepared for false flags, censorship and a shutdown of the social media platforms. More from the X22 Report.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Here is the Bitchute video from X22 Report. Much of yesterday, Big Tech was jamming X22 Report on Bitchute, so it wouldn’t play properly there. If that continues today, follow the link below the video, which will take you directly to the video on the X22 Report website. These are trying times, but we will get through this heinous censorship, and bring down the house on the culprits!)

Destroying the Illusion resurfaces with Jason Sather’s first video since the Great Purge. He outlines the hardcore censorship he’s battling, and makes a few recommendations on alternative platforms, like Bitchute, where you can now find him.

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