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The People Are Figuring It Out

The patriots want the people to see the [Deep State] plan. They want the people to feel it just like the founding fathers felt and saw the plan of the British government. The people are figuring it out.

Each time the government pushes, it’s turning into a long train of abuses and usurpations. When this happens, the people have the right to remove the government and replace it with a new one.

This is what the Trump and the patriots are showing the people. It all goes back to the Constitution: Truth. Transparency is the only way forward. More from the X22 Report.

The continued control over the nation by a dementia patient and his handlers is being tested by the rise of American resistance—don’t give up, God will balance the scales. More from Lori Colley.

Breakout Of A Border War

Michael Jaco says armed fighting has broken out along the Texas-Mexico border as American citizens defend their homes and villages against foreign invaders. Incidents have been reported in two adjoining counties — Maverick and Kinney.

Kinney is sparsely populated with fewer than 4,000 residents but Maverick County is much bigger, with a population in excess of 50,000. Its county seat is Eagle Pass.

Jaco says residents, weary of the disturbances and steady encroachments, have called in veteran military friends to help them expel Cartel members pouring across the border. Kinney and Maverick are normally heavily Democratic, but the Biden administration’s blatant open border policies have upset the normal balances and destroyed law enforcement in this isolated region.


Juan O. Savin Revealed!

Juan O. Savin Nation was stunned on Sunday, when the gravelly voiced video blogger/storyteller revealed himself publicly for the first time at the For God and Country Patriot Double Down in Las Vegas. The wildly popular Savin mystique caught the imagination of alternative media fans in the past year, when appearing on several video sites, face and torso hidden, and only his feet visible, propped up on furniture with his signature boots.

Adding to his popularity was the notion from several bloggers that Savin was in fact John F. Kennedy Jr. in hiding. He explained in an earlier interview with Flyover Conservatives over the weekend that he decided to end the mystery and appear live, because promoters of the conference were attacked by Las Vegas media after they used the letter Q in the event’s name, which they subsequently changed.

In Part 1 of his address, courtesy of the Paula Loves Children channel, an animated Savin updates a small, but enthusiastic, crowd in Vegas, on the state of the Great Awakening, the impending trauma ahead and our assured victory. “The day has run its course in many ways, but it’s not over yet,” Savin says. “But the first shot across the bow is very close now.”

Here’s Part 2 of Savin’s address.

The Brodels: Enough Is Enough!

Check out Martin Brodel and his wife, Brenda, like you’ve never seen them before. In an impassioned rant to the military and the supposed top 10 white hats who have the plan for the Great Awakening, Martin screams that he’s sick and tired of going out on a limb, putting the truth out there day after day, only to see the good guys make him and other alternative bloggers looks like fools!

“You want us to tell everyone that Hillary is dead. I get it, she’s dead,” Martin says. “Biden’s gone and Fauci has been arrested. OK, fine. Stop trotting the motherf*ckers out for everyone to see. Stop paying actors to put them out there.” He suggests the smart guys are becoming drunk with power and, instead of telling the truth to the American people, they are complicit in the massive web of lies.

Meanwhile, Brenda says the ridicule from family and friends is becoming unbearable. “Our friends and neighbors don’t want to talk to us anymore, because they think we’re crazy.” Here’s the entire rant.

Joe Biden’s Greatest Hits!

All of your favorite Biden moments in one single collection! More from FreedomToons.

Jen Psaki Exposed!

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is the perfect political puppet. Says Liberal Hivemind, “You feed her the propaganda and, with no questions asked, no ethical conundrum, she parrots the talking points and thanks her masters for the opportunity.”

It’s a refrain of phony rhetoric, total lies and nonsense she’s perpetuated throughout her career. In the following video, Liberal Hivemind features a variety of clips, starring the disingenuous Psaki, including a 6-year-old hot mic moment that says it all.

Cornholio, Let’s Go Baldwin

Live from Santa Fe, it’s Cornholio! More from The United Spot.

Trump Launches New Platform

Bitcoin hits a record high, while President Joe Biden’s approval numbers sink to new lows. Here, Jordan Sather brings us up to date on the news. Other topics discussed: Trump’s new social media platform, the Facebook rebrand and the upcoming Patriot Voice conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sather plans to attend this coming week.

The warriors are on the battlefield! The enemy is on the run! [Truth] will prevail! Pray. More from And We Know.

Ignorance Is Bliss…?

I wish it wasn’t true, but the ones I know are like this, how bad does it have to get? Perhaps at some point they’ll see it…..More from the Conservative Momma.


Will Biden Be First Indictment?

Will Joe Biden be the first indictment that will shock the world? Will America have an amazing Christmas — an ass-kicking holiday? Guy Brummell speaks from a Canadian jail. And McAllister TV shares a snarky Christmas story.

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