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Fact Vs. Fiction In Georgia

What really happened with the Dominion voting machines in Georgia? It turns out that while votes were indeed flipped by the Dominion software from President Trump to Joe Biden, key details of the story have been distorted.

Rumors spread early on following the election that a forensics team in Ware County, Ga., found that a Dominion machine had flipped votes from Trump to Biden in the thousands. Not true, says Garland Favorito of Voter Ga., an election integrity group that found that indeed there was larceny, but only 37 votes were found to have been flipped. This still presents a major problem, since the shenanigans came from one machine in one county.

Several possibilities exist as to why this happened, but the main suspect is malware specifically designed to switch votes. Oddly, the 37-vote mistake represented .26 percent of the county totals, exactly Biden’s statewide margin of victory. Although the scenario where forensics was conducted on multiple machines never came about, it now should,” says Favorito, who has submitted a sworn affidavit of these findings. “Now that we know that the flipping of the votes did occur, we need to find out why,” he says. “There’s a grave concern that we’ve seen this–what is an apparent flip in Georgia–and it does align very well with Michigan and their vote flip up there. And it raises a lot of questions about Maricopa County (Arizona), which is also running these Dominion systems.”

Here’s more with Favorito on One America News.

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