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Arizona Report In Senate Hands

On Monday, the preliminary report on the Arizona Presidential election 2020 forensic audit was delivered to the State Senate and will be released to the public after a thorough review. A portion of the preliminary report has been delayed after three officials contracted Covid-19.

Though Maricopa County officials are refusing to comply with several subpoenas, they recently provided Senate auditors images of mail-in ballot envelopes. The envelopes will be analyzed after reports that signature verification measures were decreased over time, until eventually, they were accepting ballots with no signatures. Maricopa County is still in defiance of the legal and enforceable subpoenas requesting access to routers, Splunk logs, key fobs and Dominion’s systems. Kelli Ward brings us more details on One America News.


What To Expect In Arizona Audit

As the nation braces itself for the results of the forensic audit in Maricopa County, Ariz., what are we really looking for? Zack Smith, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, says protecting the integrity of future elections is at stake.

Smith told One America News that he feels the 2020 election results will remain intact, but the goal is what we can do to protect the electoral system going forward. Despite his surprising assessment, Smith says there’s a sliver of hope that the Supreme Court might look at the matter if, in fact, irregularities are found in Arizona and other states performing forensic audits.

With the obvious and massive fraud that soiled the election in key states, it would be a travesty if SCOTUS again refused to take up the election issue. We’ll have to wait and see, because the true numbers never lie. Here’s more on OAN. Video courtesy of Robert David Steele #UNRIG

Biden Statistically Impossible

A mathematician says the Biden victory was statistically impossible. How impossible? Here’s a report from One America News suggesting a legitimate win by Joe Biden couldn’t have occurred in a million years.

In other words, Biden won by cheating, by an outright manipulation of the vote totals: Exactly what many of us have been declaring. The question now becomes: How can we rectify our voting systems to prevent this kind of cheating from happening again? If we can’t do so, why should we ever believe any election results or give any respect to the assholes who supposedly won? More from InfoWars.

How To Drain The Swamp

How exactly do you go about draining The Swamp? First off, says Liz Wheeler, you can’t successfully drain The Swamp, unless you know where it came from.

The former One America News anchor defines The Swamp, or Deep State, as the Administrative State, composed of government employees and officials in agencies of the Executive Branch of federal government, who are not elected, not appointed, have no accountability to voters, are nearly impossible to fire, yet have the power to impose rules and regulations on we the people.

So how did the Deep State get so entrenched in our government? Short answer: Blame the progressives. They attacked our constitutional government’s enshrined view of limited government, beginning with President Woodrow Wilson and his radical ideas, followed by FDR’s  progressive New Deal and President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, all which damaged the separation of powers envisioned by our founding fathers and empowered Swamp creatures to rule behind the backs of our elected officials.

Wheeler says firing these leaches won’t solve the problem and neither will one President. The answer to fixing the fundamental problem requires the Legislative Branch to stop delegating power to executive agencies and for the judiciary to reject the Administrative State on a Constitutional basis. Problem is, members of Congress–both Democrats and Republicans–don’t want to drain The Swamp. Here’s more with Wheeler.

They’ve Shown Their Cards

Mark Dice weights the latest calls for censorship from CNN. This is a news network no one watches anymore except extreme Leftists. At least CNN will be gone soon from our airports.

The CEO of Parler promises the social media platform will return soon. Meanwhile, Leftists are now taking aim at Newsmax and One America News. Are there any Democrats that believe in free speech or is the entire party comprised of Hitler wannabes and assorted Fascists? More from Steve Turley.

Fact Vs. Fiction In Georgia

What really happened with the Dominion voting machines in Georgia? It turns out that while votes were indeed flipped by the Dominion software from President Trump to Joe Biden, key details of the story have been distorted.

Rumors spread early on following the election that a forensics team in Ware County, Ga., found that a Dominion machine had flipped votes from Trump to Biden in the thousands. Not true, says Garland Favorito of Voter Ga., an election integrity group that found that indeed there was larceny, but only 37 votes were found to have been flipped. This still presents a major problem, since the shenanigans came from one machine in one county.

Several possibilities exist as to why this happened, but the main suspect is malware specifically designed to switch votes. Oddly, the 37-vote mistake represented .26 percent of the county totals, exactly Biden’s statewide margin of victory. Although the scenario where forensics was conducted on multiple machines never came about, it now should,” says Favorito, who has submitted a sworn affidavit of these findings. “Now that we know that the flipping of the votes did occur, we need to find out why,” he says. “There’s a grave concern that we’ve seen this–what is an apparent flip in Georgia–and it does align very well with Michigan and their vote flip up there. And it raises a lot of questions about Maricopa County (Arizona), which is also running these Dominion systems.”

Here’s more with Favorito on One America News.

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17 States Join Texas Suit

Seven States have JOINED the Texas Supreme Court Lawsuit to calling the election UNCONSTITUTIONAL after Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin violated the constitution by changing the rules without the approval of the legislature. Meanwhile the Supreme Court rejects GOP bid to block certification in Pennsylvania. #StopTheSteal #FightForTrump #SCOTUS. More from Mr. Obvious.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Now, 17 states have joined the Texas lawsuit, including Florida and Arizona, and these other red states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia. We have to wonder: Where’s Ohio? Cat got your tongue?)

Christina Bobb of One America News believes President Donald Trump will prevail and win a second term. Listen as she outlines not only the ugly extent of the election fraud, but how so many Republicans have caved and turned a blind eye to the corruption. These Republicans might not be stealing ballots to the same degree as the Democrats, but they are just as evil, and need to be booted from office and replaced by officials who actually support the will of the people.

Here is the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. He appeared on the Fox News Hannity show to discuss the historic lawsuit. More from The Salty Cracker.

He Doesn’t Think It’s Funny

Brian Stelter is up in arms again. President Donald Trump just isn’t conceding — and he’s not showing any CNN clips, either. The president had a big rally in Valdosta, Ga., and only played clips from Newsmax, One America News and Fox News. And that’s really got Stelter steaming mad! More from Mark Dice.

CNN Fears Shadow Government

CNN Runs UNHINGED Show Claiming Trump Will Form Shadow Government, Another Says The US Is Decoupling. Guests claimed Trump was committing sedition in his efforts to challenge the election and find an electoral college victory.

In another segment the CEO of Axios said that he fears America is decoupling and there will be “two Americas” as people flee to echo chambers that support their worldview.

The hilarious paradox is that CNN proves these claims by being the unhinged network pushes fake news to the masses. As Democrats reel over a crushing defeat and Republicans are furious over investigated claims surrounding the election it seems everyone is getting fed up with the system. More from Tim Pool.

Meanwhile, as Fox News ratings continue to crater, we now are seeing Liberal mainstream media outlets defending the crumbling network. Also, Tucker Carlson is backtracking from his claims that the 2020 election was fair and impartial. As Fox ratings collapse, Carlson says the election “was rigged against Trump in plain view” and bemoans “untrustworthy” voting machines. Sounds like he’s been reading Call Me Stormy posts, or similar feedback from many Republicans who are fed up with the corrupt election and the blatant cheating done by the Democrats in key battleground states. More from Tim Pool.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: In the hours since these posts, YouTube has now moved to suspend the One America News network on YouTube’s social media platform. It’s not clear yet if this is a temporary suspension or a long-term ban, but YouTube apparently is pushing farther to the Left. Not so smart, considering they are disenfranchising a majority of the population. Only one-fourth or so of the public identifies themselves as Liberals. That number will continue to dwindle as the Left becomes loonier and more censor-prone, emulating the goons at YouTube.)

It’s Going To Be Biblical

Frontline member of the Trump legal team Sidney Powell comments exclusively on the claims that are going to be made in the legal battle to come over the presidential election results. – with political analyst Mark Halperin and Newsmax TV’s Rob Schmitt. She says the Democrats cheated to add 35,000 to the vote totals for Joe Biden and key Democrats in the state of Georgia. The revelations about how this was done are going to be “Biblical,” she promised.

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And, over on One America News, Chanel Rion released a 30-minute special called Dominion-izing The Vote, featuring the trail of vote fraud and tabulation errors surrounding the voting machines in use from Dominion Voting Systems, a company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

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Meanwhile, attorney Lin Wood says Americans will be shocked when they discover the degree to which pedophilia and Satanism have become predominant forces among the political, media and entertainment elite. His words: “This country’s going to be shocked when the find the truth about who’s been occupying the Oval Office for some periods of years. They’re going to be shocked at the level of pedophilia. They are going to be shocked at what I believe is going to be a revelation in terms of people who are engaged in Satanic worship.”

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