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No Mistake, This Is Genocide

The COVID-19 pandemic chaos that has enveloped the planet is all deliberate, designed to create stress, disappointment and despair. The government plan is simple–to give us false hope, with announcements such as: It will all be over by summer, or fall, or Christmas, maybe Easter. “It’ll never be over,” says Dr. Vernon Coleman, “because they don’t want it to be over. The transient hope is part of the brainwashing, the psyop.”

We’re facing a cast of “baddies” like we’ve never seen, all scheming to take over the world and make a bundle of cash in the process. Nobody has been as thoroughly evil. Coleman specifically calls out the politicians and scientists for promoting “the coronavirus hoax” around the world, citing the numerous lockdowns and Draconian restrictions. “Make no mistake, this is genocide,” he says. “The COVID-19 fraud, the lockdowns and the abandonment of the elderly and the sick are resulting in the death of millions.” Here’s more from Dr. Coleman on truthhunter789.

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