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Liberals Going Extinct

Liberals are disappearing, a byproduct of their own greedy, secular politics. For every child born to a liberal couple, there are three children born to conservative Christian couples. So conservatives are taking control of the landscape, while liberal territory keeps shrinking by the day. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Geert Wilders Bitchslaps WEF

Geert Wilders has bitchslapped the World Economic Forum (WEF), as his conservative party, the Party for Freedom (PVV) has won the Dutch election. This comes a few days after another conservative candidate, Javei Milei, ended the longtime rule of the Socialists in Argentina.

Both elections underscore how the world at large has come to reject the globalists. Citizens everywhere are fed up with never-ending inflation and the drive to exterminate nations by “welcoming” hordes of immigrants and illegal aliens, driving up crime, dysfunctionality and unrest.

Here, Styxhexenhammer666 reacts to Wilders’ success. He’s certainly in the know, having been living much of the time in the Netherlands after marrying a Dutch woman.

Who is Geert Wilders and why does the political establishment on the left despise him so much? Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

From The Barrel Of His Gun

Democratic scumbag Dan Goldman, a Representative in the U.S. House from the state of New York, issues a death threat against former President Donald Trump. The sleazebucket delivered the threat live on Jen Psaki’s “fake news” show on MSNBC. Here’s more from The Salty Cracker.

A Defense Against Gaslighting

In this edition of Film, Literature and the New World Order we welcome Thomas Sheridan, author of The Anvil of the Psyche, to discuss Gaslight, the 1940 British psychological thriller that introduced us to the concept of ‘gaslighting.’

In the discussion. we point out how common gaslighting is, ask “Are you being gaslighted?,” talk about techniques for defending oneself from gaslighting, and talk about how this technique is used on a societal level by the psychopaths at the top of the pyramid. Here’s more from The Corbett Report.

El Merda Divina

Clif High dishes “the divine shit.” As he says, “They be flinging it!”

Everybody will soon know Joe Biden cheated and that’s the only reason he got elevated to serve in the White House. He most certainly wasn’t elected to the office of the Presidency.

After dealing with the hypernovelty, even the leftists and the normies will come to realize just how rotten the Democratic leadership has been. Not only Joe Biden, but Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton…they’re all hot-flaming crooks, doing the bidding of the World Economic Forum. They are a collective criminal gang. There’s nothing stately or honorable about any of them.

Here, High not only discusses politics, but also gets into the shocks that lie ahead for the Abrahamic religions — Judaism, Islam and Christianity — as believers learn about the Elohim and how UFOs factor into the origins of all of these Earthly religions.

It’s Great!

Isn’t it hilarious how Bill Maher and Sharon Osbourne celebrate the desecration of the West? Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

Taboo — Monkey See, Do

I discuss 3 Taboos that all interlink —

1 Franco Supremacy in Quebec (with clips to show how insane it is.)

2 Recalling childhood abuse.

3 White, English, healthy people asserting their rights. Here’s more from Amazing Polly.

Will RFK Jr. Hurt Trump?

Did I stutter? Here’s more from RazorFist.

We Are In God’s Hands

Fear not. While threats of World War III are running rampant, we are in the hands of God, and God will not lead us astray. But we can expect some major upheavals, economic shakedowns and armed skirmishes over the months ahead. That’s the prognosis of Bo Polny, who previously accurately predicted that a war would break out in Israel during the month of October 2023.

In this roughly hour-long video, Polny is interviewed by journalist Greg Hunter. Polny gives full credit for his epiphany to God.¬† Polny explains how he reads the variety of symbols and interlocking numbers from the pages of The Bible. Even though The Bible has been altered — and much of its deeper meanings obscured — there are still ways it can be studied to glean the truth.

Here, Polny makes several new predictions:

  • He sees a major crash in the U.S. bond market and stock exchange, with stocks possibly losing as much as 27 percent of their value. He says these crashes could begin later this month, but might well stretch out over a couple of months time.
  • The U.S. dollar also is poised to crash. It’s no longer backed by gold, and now its attachment to oil has also been severed as Saudi Arabia has joined the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, Iran, China, South Africa) nations. “In other words, it’s run out of gas,” says Polny. He sees this collapse occurring during the first quarter of 2024.
  • What else might collapse? Polny says the days of the World Economic Forum are numbered. “Fear not,” he says, “God has got this.”

He Admitted It

Globalist Henry Kissinger now admits that multiculturalism and mass migration have ruined many Western nations. Kissinger specifically addressed Germany, saying the nation had admitted far too many illegal aliens, placing  great burden upon all of Germany. Not only did these foreigners clash deeply with citizens, but they also drained the economic vitality of their new home and imposed great pressures to maintain civility and an open society.

We’re not big fans of Kissinger. We don’t like the company he keeps, nor the politics he pushes.

Still, he is now calling for greater caution when it comes to open borders, and that’s something we most endorse. Joe Biden’s moves to admit every Tom, Dick and Terrorist will not end well for America. Biden is an ignorant and greedy stooge, who should never have come near the White House. Here’s more from Paul Joseph Watson.

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