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A Shipwreck Tale

Absolutely not an allegory. Most assuredly not a cautionary tale. More from RazorFist.

The Matrix Is Malfunctioning

We have lived in a socially controlled Matrix for years, but now it is starting to malfunction and showing signs of dissipating. Witness how many members of Generation Z now follow Andrew Tate and soak up his messages about greedy, rich billionaires and how their political allies prey upon all of us. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

The Masters Of Cringe

Klaus Schwab has convened the World Economic Forum once again in Davos, Switzerland These privileged elites, including Al Gore and John Kerry, have come together to control and screw over the rest of humanity, while lecturing us about our carbon emissions and our use of fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, they all fly aboard their own private jets and enjoy trysts with Europe’s most high-brow prostitutes. Great scam if you can get into it! More from Dave Cullen on Computing Forever.

Are We Being Set Up?

Are we being set up for a fall? Why so many shortages of medicines and essential supplies? Why so many new pressures on youth to disobey their parents or break with tradition? Are there advantages to relearning about local herbs? There’s plenty more to ponder in this short, but coherent and frightening warning from Patara, who operates her own Appalachia’s Homestead channel.

Pope Francis: A Disaster!

It was revealed this week that Cardinal George Pell was “Demos,” the mysterious author of a memorandum that was circulated in Rome last year, which blasted the pontificate of Pope Francis as a “disaster and a catastrophe.”

The Remnant Underground’s Michael Matt reports that the week before he died, Cardinal Pell also wrote an article in which he referred to Pope Francis’ precious synod on Synodality” as a “toxic nightmare.” Matt says it’s further proof that the pontificate of Francis is in disarray, if not full-blown civil war. Here’s his report on Banned YouTube Videos, courtesy of Infowars.

Lara’s Ukraine Truth Bombs

Lara Logan tells Real America’s Voice that reports of Vladimir Putin’s Russian army running out of bullets and military hardware is an outright lie! “I don’t buy it for a second,” she says. “There’s so much misinformation. We’ve never seen anything like it.”

Logan says Putin’s forces are not struggling and what’s he’s done from the beginning is very strategic. Tune in for more truth bombs from Logan. Video courtesy of RenaudBe.

RIP Lynette Hardaway!

Lynette Hardaway, better known as Diamond in the duo Diamond and Silk, has died suddenly at the age of 51.

We salute this conservative icon and share the grief of her sister Rochelle Richardson, who appears as Silk. No cause of death was listed, but former President Donald Trump hailed Hardaway, saying on Truth Social that her death “was really bad news for Republicans and frankly, ALL AMERICANS.”

Here, RedPill78 mourns the sudden passing of Lynette Hardaway, one-half of the dynamic duo Diamond and Silk.

Was UK Better Off With Truss?

Conservative political activist Mark Collett tells Patriotic Weekly Review that, in hindsight, former Prime Minister Liz Truss might have been the right choice for the United Kingdom.

Truss, the Conservative Party leader who replaced Boris Johnson, stepped down after serving 50 days in light of a government crisis over her controversial budget proposal. In retrospect, Collett says, that “risky budget” of tax cuts and more money going directly to the British people was a positive for the UK.

“I don’t know if the budget would have worked … but it was actually a budget that was trying to kickstart the economy and funnel money to the British people,” Collett says. In contrast, he says her replacement, Rishi Suhan, is throwing billions of dollars away and not a penny is going to the British people. Here’s more.

The War On White People

White people are now routinely demonized and blamed for all of the problems in the world. Mark Dice reviews what’s afoot and the role played by Hollywood to castigate those who are white.

The Advent Of 15-Minute Cities

Local governments in the United Kingdom are now implementing 15-minute cities — cities where your movement across different sectors will be highly regimented and controlled. In essence, the lockdowns we saw with Covid-19 are now being expanded and turned into climate lockdowns.

You must remain within your own immediate zone, or else face fines and stipends to punish you if you engage in what’s deemed excessive travel. Here, Katie Hopkins explains the levels of power and the dark side behind these new lockdowns and controls. More from the Pureblood.


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