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Covid Was Engineered In Lab

Dr. Michael McDowell unvravels what he believes to be the covert agenda of the creation of the SARSCoV2 virus, bluntly calling it a bioweapon. He says it was genetically engineered for efficient spreading in human population, similar to the AIDS and Ebola viruses.

“The genetics bioweapons industry is the most covert industry on planet Earth, but it exists,” McDowell told a vaccine response news conference in Trinidad and Tobago. He alluded to the book Emerging Viruses, by virologist and drug-industry whistleblower Dr. Leonard Horowitz, which matter-of-factly states the AIDS and Ebola viruses were intentionally manufactured in a laboratory–a charge that has never been refuted.

In the following video on Patriot Report, McDowell exposes the shocking origins of the Covid pandemic, elaborates on the reality of the deadly covert genetic bioweapons industry, the SARS-CoV-2 design and gain-of-function research, culminating in the rollout of the real bioweapon–the gene-altering vaccinations.

Jordan: Border Crisis Deliberate

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan is ripping the Biden Administration’s handling of the southern border crisis, calling the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants intentional. He says the numbers have steadily risen since March, except for a slight dip in August. “The only conclusion that any rational person can reach is this is deliberate, this is intentional.”

Jordan added that the public is fed up and is looking for more leadership from President Biden and VP Harris, because the White House is not willing to employ the policies that work. So how do we solve the problem: “You have to go back to the policies that work,” Jordan says. “You don’t have to call them Trump’s policies. You have to send a message.” Here’s more with Jordan and Fox News anchor Sandra Smith.

Black Voters Leaving Dem Party

The panic is settling in for the Democrat Party. It seems like every week some Democrat hot-shot sounds the alarm that the party is spiraling downward. And Liberal Hivemind says it’s about to go from bad to worse.

A leader for the black community and MSNBC host Roland Martin are warning the Democrat establishment that black voters might actually leave their “abusive relationship” with the party. It already has happened in recent elections and will continue, as folks get red-pilled across the nation. Says Liberal Hivemind, “You vote for Democrats and what do you get? A whole load of nothing–a bunch of pandering, a bunch of promises, a bunch of empty rhetoric and empty platitudes, then back to the status quo benefitting the elite and politically connected alone.” More details from Liberal Hivemind.

Calling Out Phony Conservatives

Stew Peters takes aim at the phony world of conservative media, podcasts, show hosts, whose entire role, he says, is bloviating nonstop. “And they, a lot of times, talk tough. They pretend to be breaking news. They have a lot guests on and they read you the news everyday that they rip, read and runoff of Drudge, or some other weak news aggregator.”

Most of the time, Peters says, their sources are GOP-RNC-funded payola outlets, regurgitating the same narrative day in and day out. “But none of these aggregators actually move the ball,” he says. Hear more of his rant on Free Speech Warrior, as he singles out media giants Hannity, Drudge, Glenn Beck and others.

The Worldwide Awakening

We bring you two international videos that show the growth of The Great Awakening on a global scale.

First, we offer a 22-minute conversation between Ireland’s Computing Forever and the Canadian pundit Black Pigeon Speaks. Visit Black Pigeon Speaks’ web channels to see the full video, which runs an hour in length.

And from Australia, we get this fast-paced roast from the ever-challenging Aussie content creator The Crowhouse. He cites Eugene Debs, “Intelligent discontent is the mainspring of civilization. Progress is born of agitation. It is agitation or stagnation.”

Bejing Biden, The Blowhard

I’d complain about the witless troglodytes who voted for Biden, but… I try not to speak ill of the dead. More from RazorFist,

Take heart! Although Australia has built “covid concentration camps where the infected get in but can’t seem to get out, Britain has backed-off requiring vaccine passports. America was founded by men and women willing to sacrifice their lives to escape tyranny. The blood of God-fearing patriots runs strong, even today! There are millions of Americans willing to be fired rather than submit to a dictator. More from Lori Colley.

Grim U.S.-Taliban Connection

Fox News contributor Lara Logan dropped a bombshell on the Sean Hannity Show, revealing the U.S. Government knows exactly who the Taliban are and are counting on the public’s ignorance “to sell you a pack of lies.”

The grim reality of these ruthless, murderous terrorists actually traces back to the Obama Administration, according to Logan. “This was the message from the very beginning, that there’s good Taliban and bad Taliban. They packed the administration with Taliban apologists and they ignore the evidence.”

She says the Biden Administration is following the same game plan and have ceded control to the Taliban, alerting their active-duty forces that all of those manifests will be vetted by Siraj Haqqani, current Afghan Minister of the Interior. “This man has a $5 million bounty on his head,” Logan says. “He’s one of the most wanted terrorists in the world … that’s by the U.S.” Check out more of Logan’s revelation on the Sean Hannity Show.

Plan To Destroy The Cabal

With millions of Americans waking up daily, it’s become painfully obvious that the faux Biden Administration’s sole aim is to usher in the one-world government New World Order. But it isn’t going to happen, thanks to the Trump Presidency, the defacto military movement to save our country from the evil clutches of the Deep State, the globalists, the Cabal, whose only aim is to destroy America.

Says Patriot Streetfigher Scott McKay, “There is a plan put in place to bring down this global, criminal, Rothschild-London central-banking enterprise that controls every country.” The plan was actually hatched in the early 1960s, when President Kennedy became the first patriot to confront the Cabal and warned he was coming after them. Sadly, he paid with his life. It was then, that 200 military generals convened to devise a plan to infiltrate this corrupt power structure that’s been pulling all the strings.

McKay takes a deep dive into the genesis of the Cabal and how they assumed control of what became the United States Corporation via The Act of 1871, which ignited the corrupt and power-hungry structure. He brings us a timeline of its sinister progression all the way through the beginning of the Trump Administration and the Q phenomenon in 2017, which became the greatest military intelligence dissemination operation in world history. Here’s the full story.

Enough For Impeachment?

Glenn Beck says the Democrats massively lowered the impeachment bar for President Trump, so should Biden’s incompetence–especially in light of the Afghanistan disaster–constitute grounds for impeachment, too? Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert says yes, but argues impeachments shouldn’t stop with the man at the top. She says Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi are equally complicit. “The continued leadership of all three is a national security threat,” she says.

Beck says consider the damage alone in Afghanistan, which led to the Taliban controlling billions of dollars of the highest U.S. technology, the harm to our relationship and trust with our allies, the fleecing of taxpayers, not to mention the loss of American lives. Here’s the interview with Boebert.

Were Troops Purposely Killed?

Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Jarome Bell tells Stew Peters he believes the American troops ambushed in Afghanistan were purposely killed. He says it was purposeful failure at the hands of Joe Biden and the Democrats, and calls for leaders to be expelled from Congress.

“This entire debacle in Afghanistan was done on purpose and those people in Biden’s camp are not that stupid,” says Bell, a Gen. Michael Flynn-endorsed Congressional candidate in Virginia’s District 2. “But what they are, though, are neocons, warmongers and Military Industrial Complex stockholders. They need war to make money.” Join Bell and host Stew Peters, who doesn’t hold back on his thoughts about Afghanistan.

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