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Capitol Riots, Shooting Staged

The evidence is overwhelming that the simulated riots at the Capitol in D.C. on Jan. 6 were preplanned and staged. There were paid protestors, paid actors, controllers monitoring every move as if it were a Hollywood TV set and sadly, fake blood and other props.

In this investigative video, Wooz News even suggests that the alleged death of Ashli Babbitt was staged with fake blood capsules, Hollywood tear gas and mace, all on display with hundreds of professional photographers conveniently on site. Perhaps one of the most telling props, once they entered the building and arrived at the Congressional chamber entrance, were what appeared to be fake doors with plastic windows, used to simulate glass. And the entrance–which appears to be a prop–was already barricaded before the “mob” arrived!

In this powerful video, featured on TruthVideos 1984, Wooz News gives us a detailed look at how the fake event unraveled, pointing out all the players and inconsistencies. And, as always, we alert our viewers to use your own judgement..

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4 thoughts on “Capitol Riots, Shooting Staged

  1. First off the couple years is the government testing us! They want to see how far they can push us and what they can get away with! They put the pandemic on us! Go google cia and see what they have done to since the beginning of them! You won’t believe it! So this crap is all a test, putting biden in was a test, they knew once he got in that they could get away with winning the Senate the same way. NOW THEY KNOE REPUBLICANS WONT DO A DANG THING AND THEY KNOW WHAT STARTS RIOTS, DIRTY COPS… ITS ALL IN THEIR PLAN. THEY CONTROL THE INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, NEWS AND SUPPRESSION OF OUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS! NOW THEY CAN GO AFTER OUR GUNS!!! WAKE UP, THIS IS OUR TYRANT GOVERNMENT AT ITS BEST. DO YOUR OWN INVESTIGATION AND RESEARCH. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE NEWS… BIDEN IS A PUPPET UNTIL CAMELTOE HARRIS PUSHES HIM OUT AND CLAIMS SHE FIXED EVERYTHING!!! MARK MY WORDS…

  2. Jean shields on said:

    Sending to myself so I can share

  3. Andy Thomas on said:

    Ive been looking for this video since the day it happened. I saw it then except the narration was from an insider to the entire acting group. It explained everything like you did. If this were shown on day 1 none of the nonesense would have occurred to. Where did you find this video? Id love to see the original one again.

    • This powerful and telling video appeared on Stormy on Feb. 6, 2021. It was produced by Wooz News and mirrored by TruthVideos 1984. You can still access the video on by typing in: Capitol Riots, Shootings Staged in the search results box, located at the top right of the homepage.

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