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Hollywood’s Greatest Secret

In a wild story that shines light into the dark reality of the world, Riss Flex reports the corruption surrounding the container cargo ship industry, which shockingly connects the United States, Canada, numerous politicians and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and Hollywood.

To no one’s surprise, the story takes root in Chicagoland, with its political connection to the Teamsters unions, which control and unload all cargo containers in the U.S. and Canada. Flex says the story took a shady turn when she discovered the Hollywood connection. Here’s what she found out.

Was Michael Jackson Cloned?

Yash Qaraah, host of Stranger Than Fiction, takes us on a wild ride into the world of human cloning. “So, you think you have seen it all? Think again. It was in front of us the whole time,” he says.

He digs deeply into the mysteries behind Michael Jackson, whom he says, is still alive. He says the appearances Jackson made following his alleged facial surgery were not the real Michael, but a clone. The Saddam Hussein who was hanged in public following his capture was a clone.  And he tells us what really happened to Bernie Mac, 2Pac, Mike Tyson and Ol’ Dirty Bastard, plus more. As always, judge the material for yourself.

Why Westerns Matter

It’s time to saddle up and revive a genre that is primed for revivification. More from RazorFist.

Amber Turd: Cautionary Tail

No, the title is not a spelling error. More from RazorFist.

Reptilians Of Hollywood And DC

They all do it out in the open because every one of them is a Reptilian 33rd Degree Free Mason! Hollywood’s frantic need for adrenochrome! The DC/Hollywood child-raping culture! John Podesta tortures children! Comet Pizza Reptilian Child sacrifice! They hate kids! They love blood and chaos! They eat humans! Pizzagate was real! The journalists who reported otherwise were all blatant liars! Want proof? More from McAllister TV.

Zecharia Sitchin And Reptilians

In this final episode of the Odyssey Series, Jordan Maxwell reveals previously undisclosed information about Zecharia Sitchin’s contact with the Reptilians.

Mind-Control Phenomenon

Riss Flex delves into the the mind-control phenomenon, spurred by CIA MK-Ultra experiments in the 1950s and 1960s, and how it still is affecting Americans to this day. “I find it extremely applicable, given the current events in the news,” she says.

Flex features clips from Roseanne Barr and Dave Chappelle discussing how MK-Ultra rules Hollywood, and is widely prevalent in the entertainment industry and recounts how the CIA infiltrated academia with their mind-control methods. She explains further.

Hollywood’s Wanton Bloodlust!

We’ve all seen the evidence of vast human blood-sucking among the Hollywood elite. From Madonna to Angelina Jolie, from Jim Carrey to Alec Baldwin, these freaks have titillated us with their wicked ways and wanton acts of depravity.

We know they are all deadbeat degenerates. When will they be rounded up and apprehended? Not just these pathetic freaks but also their political leaders, the Democratic demons like John Podesta and Joe Biden?

Here, McAllister TV covers Hollywood’s epic meltdown! She also gives us some updates. She’s on Truth Social now, for instance. And she’s preparing to launch a new cooking channel.

Worldwide Scare Event Nears!

New intel on the World Wide scare event! Dead Hollywood: Who’s alive and who’s dead?

Cuomo’s nipple rings! Hybrids being used in Hollywood productions! Alien fashion week! South Africa’s Die Antwoord: Hardcore CIA MK Hybrid programming!

God is in control! More from McAllister TV.

Hunter Biden’s ‘Sugar Brother’

Hunter Biden is working with a new big shot Hollywood lawyer named Kevin Morris who is paying his bills, including an estimated $2 million tax delinquency. More from Robert Gouveia.

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