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Children Rescued at White House

Gene Decode is reporting that the last day of the mysterious 10 days of darkness at the White House, which followed the Biden inauguration, was met with caravans of buses with black tinted windows pulling up in front of the residence. He says National Guardsmen were filing out of the vehicles, but no one was immediately boarding.

Minutes later, when some lights barely flickered, two Special Forces members emerged from the front door of the White House, surrounded by many young children, most of them no more than knee-high. These apparently were abused children rescued by the Trump Administration from Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS). Because many of the children were multi-generational (having spent their entire lives underground), they were extremely sensitive to light, thus the tinted bus windows. “They can’t even stand the street lights,” Gene Decode says. He added that the children were moved to nearby DUMBS that were cleaned and transformed into hospital units. Sadly, most of the victims will never adjust to normal daylight.

Could this be the scenario foreseen by Q? The general consensus was that the 10 days of darkness was part of a sting operation by the patriots to deal with the Deep State cabal across the country. Gene Decode says this still is a possibility, but this past week’s operation was strictly for the White House. Gene Decode confirms that he received information on the video, vetting its content. “While I’m not 100 percent on this, it looked very, very solid,” he says. Here’s more with Gene Decode on Spiritually Raw, where he also discusses his many hardships growing up. (NOTE: The last 2:32 of the video was pre-empted by ads)

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