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Gene Decode: Aliens In Ukraine

Gene Decode tells Nicholas Veniamin that what’s happening in Ukraine is an alien incursion and it’s been going on for a long time.

Decode says the bloody footage seen on the major networks are actually full-blooded soldiers and hybrids. But you don’t see that anymore, because they’ve run out of bodies. A big chunk of the Ukrainian military, he says, are forces that are non-terrestrial from underground bases in Ukraine, comprised of Alpha Dracos, Grays, octopus-like creatures and other species. Decode explains further, plus brings more details about robots in our military, BRICS, Gesara, the looming new technological system, Elon Musk and the new financial system.

Gene Decode: Stargates, Portals

Gene Decode joins Taino on The Galactic Talk to discuss a variety of topics, including the NORAD, Haiti and New Mexico stargate systems, and the strange hidden section of the Getty Center, in Los Angeles.

Decode reveals the intergalactic activities related to NORAD infrastructure, the portals to Mars at the Dulce DUMB and Sandia Laboratory, in New Mexico, and how the Haiti stargates are connected to the world. He also breaks down the anomalies of the hidden activities at the Getty Center.

Gene Decode: Major Update

Gene Decode joins the Nicholas Veniamin podcast with more breaking intel on the Nord Stream catastrophe, Elon Musk and Twitter, the Deep State lies regarding social credit scores and a comprehensive update on Ukraine. He explains further, plus more.

Gene Decode-Mysteries, Oddities

Gene Decode joins Taino El’s Galactic Channel to discuss the adventures of suspected time traveler Simeon Toku, defense contractor DARPA and its ventures into Deep State dark technology and the mysteries and anonmalies surfacing in Colorado, which happens to be Decode’s home base.

Decode also details his own time-travel experiences and the method he employs, and elaborates on DARPA’s latest project with Amazon’s underground fulfillment technology, which amazingly allows them to ship products with incredible speed. Could this technology be the Cabal’s main source for human trafficking? Here more from Decode.


Gene Decode: Major Intel

Gene Decode tells Up Front in the Prophetic that the Alliance averted two massive events, planned by the Deep State for Sept. 11.

He said the good guys stopped two people headed for LAX, carrying the same type bomb that destroyed the Oklahoma federal building in 1995 and the Lebanon U.S. Marine barracks in 1983. They also stopped two containers filled with nukes, which were unloaded off the Evergiven ship and headed for a false flag in Germany.

Decode explains further, describes the Lucifer dyes, the highly fluorescent dyes being inserted into vaccines for use on biological tracing, and an update on the DUMBS, plus more.

Gene Decode–Inner Earth

Gene Decode tells Tom Bushnell, aka Tom Numbers, the rabbit hole that is inner earth is more expansive and complicated than was publicly known.

Decode adds that for the first time in history, the inner earth groups are now actually helping us on the surface, instead of arriving after disasters to kick-start civilizations like they did in the past. “Now, they’re being proactive, instead of reactive, and helping with the tunnels and the DUMBS, because they’ve realized we’re all on the same planet–they’re in it, we’re on it.” Here’s more of Decode’s of fascinating intel., including updates on Ukraine and the DUMBS.

Gene Decode: The Final War

Gene Decode joins David Rodriguez on Nino’s Corner TV with an update on events across the globe. Decode details the ongoing underground battles between the Alliance and the non-terrestrials, touches on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, China’s plans for Taiwan and gives pertinent intel on CERN and DUMBS, including the massive underground tunnel in Dulce, N.M., which features a portal to Mars.

Gene Decode: DUMBs Drained

The Cabal started as the Khazarian Mafia in the Ukraine region, and that’s one of the reasons they had been trying to establish the Ukraine as their global base of operations. But Russia has pretty much put the kibosh to those plans, says Gene Decode, inĀ  a wide-ranging talk with Nicholas Veniamin.

Much of Gene Decode’s talk covers the Deep Underground Military Bases or DUMBs. They have been getting cleaned out and drained around the world. When President Donald Trump talks of draining the swamp, he’s not only referring to corruption in Washington DC, but also these sordid DUMBs where reptilian Dracos have been dining on humans, most of them, children.

One of the largest DUMBs systems cuts across the Ukraine, as well as southern Europe leading to Israel. Gold and silver have been stored in these tunnels. There’s also a Draco Reptilian queen who will need to be captured and destroyed. One of the Ukraine’s treasures to be reveled: A massive, buried pyramid formed from green gold.


Gene Decode: Hollow Earth

Gene Decode says one of the best-kept Cabal secrets is the hollow Earth continent, teeming with underground cities and rivers. He explains the science behind the revelation, plus brings us an intel update on the planetary DUMBS on the TezDogH podcast, with host Taino.

Gene Decode: Our Alien Presence

Gene Decode joins The Galactic Talk podcast for an intel update on negative alien species that once–and still do–inhabit Earth. He also reveals the discovery of files in the archives of late UFO researcher Kathy Kasten, who wrote about the recovery of strange Ant people bodies, found at a Lincoln County, New Mexico, ranch, near Roswell in July 1947.

Decode also discusses the mysterious earthquakes gripping the planet, touches on vaccine passports and the war between light and dark, and more. Here’s the report.

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