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Have You Tried Diet Woke?

The super-rich true believers in climate causes, racial justice and other virtue signals, find ways to use their wealth in ways that make them appear down with the struggle.

Mansions and yachts can be acquired in ways that show how much you really care about the planet and, incidentally, some of the people on it. So, asks Bill Whittle, “Have you tried the new Diet Woke. Because this is kind of the thing that I’m getting at: All these movie stars that are talking about things like global warming and down with the program, and are talking about the oppressed and so on, they all have private jets, which they fly to their global warming conferences.”

And it gets better. In the following podcast, he elaborates on the new Diet Woke and probes the real Black Lives Matter, which is worth billions, and one of its founders who recently went on a spending spree.

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